Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Been a long time

I know it's been a LONG time but I have been unusually busy. This is my last year in school and I am trying to maintain my GPA at a 3.6. It can be hard when I have my other responsibilities.

Lets see....Whats going on with my life.

Besides school, My brother is FINALLY getting married. I am proud of him. Now, if they will set a date and keep it.

I'm still waiting for the OCS list to come out. This is driving me crazy. Then we've been debating if Mike does get selected will we come back to Kentucky. This place is boring as all get out but with the market and etc. I can buy a house and live like Queen. This housing market is so affordable. I can buy a GREAT house for 135,000. Right now, we are leaning more to leaving than staying. We are trying to get to Virginia so we can be close to home and the kids can enjoy family for a little....but who knows. I just pray for the best. We'll have an answer soon.

Kentucky (Tennessee rather) isnt that bad I guess. It's boring and you do have to search for things to do or travel to get to action. But then again, I am a 31 yr old DIVA with 3 young kids I am not looking for a party. I just want ensure that I expose the kids to every opportunitythat is out there. I may not have gotten into the country music thang but outdoors is becoming a new excitment. We are going to go RVing for spring break. LOL!!! Who would have ever thought! We are planning a family cruise. Now that I have all potty trained children, I want to go on a cruise. I'm excited. I have been wanting to go back on another cruise for YEARS. I know the kids will LOVE it. I am still going to wait for few more years for Disney World. I am thinking that I want the girls to be at least 5 to go. I want them to remember something. You should see my face typing this. I am SO excited for all these upcoming events..cuz I know the kids will LOVE it. When we first started having kids, we said that we will take the kids on vacations to different places to expose to them the world. Now that the girls are walking, talking, going to the potty, it's time to get this party started.

I decided to go on back to get my masters as well. I think that I want to teach college level part-time. I cant believe that I am saying that since for years I thought that I was allergic to school. After debating this, I think it will be a GREAT career being a wife of a soldier. Not to mention, I may start tax preparation on the side to get some extra cash. The girl is good at the tax gig thingy. I still have my goal of starting a cooking academy for children but all in due time. I have a lot of dreams, one at a time. I still dabble in event planning but havent really done much lately. The kids is my main focus.

Besides that, the kids have been keeping me insanely busy. The girls are in preschool. I work with their school part-time. Soon, the girls will be taking tap and ballet classes. Not to mention, Matthew has decided that he wants to play guitar. So I have been taking him for lessons. School for all three is going GREAT. I have to say despite all that I have gone through in my short life, God hasnt given up on me. I am truly blessed

Now for me and the hubs. This 28th we have been together for 13 years. WOW, time flies. Married for 9 yrs this coming June. I can't believe it. I hated him at times...boy did I hate him at times but All in All I love that man to death. I cant wait for another 13 yrs. We have really had some good times together and planning for more. One thing that I have learned over the years, You dont have to love the habits of your mate but you have to be able to tolerate them. If you truly are in love, you will get through anything. Never go to bed angry and ALWAYS ALWAYS try to romance and date. I know that kids are important but once in a while you have to get out of the parents mode and explore the husband and wife mode. Dont let the flame dwindle.

Ok, I'm talking too much and the girls are out of school today. I better go. It feels good to blog. I have to make sure that I am more active.

Until next time....D.