Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My weight loss Journey

I went back to the gym yesterday. I have to admit that I need some work. Man, I was about to fall out. Then I went to pick the girls up from school. Sitting talking to their teacher, I realized something. I cant do this on my own any more. I cant loss another pound without help. So, last night I prayed on it. I asked God to give me the strength, the willpower, and the drive to finally lose this weight. I realize that I call on him for everything else I may have to pull out the big guns and call on him now. I know what to do. I know how to do it. I just have to get on the ball and get this done. I have about 70lbs I want to lose. I AM going to lose this weight before my 33rd birthday. I am going to be healthy. I am going to renew my beauty....well maybe better the beauty. You have to get the self-esteem in check right?!?! 

SOOOOOO here I go again but this time with the Lord on my side. 

My Finances

I don't know if I had this talk with you before but I am horrible with finances. Sadly, what I spend all my money on is food and recreation for the family. I spend lots and lots. Well with  my Renewal Movement, I decided that I had to educated and revamp my financial health. 

I set a few goals. Some that I have conquered some that I am still working on. For instance, I pay all my bills soon as we get paid. I don't wait I don't find excuses to do other things. I hate paying bills. But now I pay them on time. We actually paid off quite a few bills. I will be paying off my car a year early if God's willing in the next few months. See, I am doing better. Then again I haven't put away my debit card. I love that thing. I said that will go to the ATM every two weeks and get myself an "allowance" and depend on that money. If it's gone, its gone and I don't get it back until the next two weeks. I haven't been doing this. Why? I really don't have a good answer. Basically being lazy. The bank is right around the corner. I just don't go. Well come the end of the week, I will be back to doing that. 

I actually created a little table that helped me pay off bills and start saving more. I said that I wanted to buy a house but I am having second thoughts about it right now. I mean since we dont know how long we are actually going to remain here, I feel that buying a house may right now may be a burden. I will continue to save. When we are ready, I will have the money.

One more thing that I am getting friendly with is layaway. I suck at layaway. I forget that I put things on layaway then forget to go get my money back on cancelled layaways. I realized that it helps me with my savings also. If I know I want something. I put money aside and get it when. Instead of spending spending spending as soon as I get it in my hand. 

See, I am getting there. 

I'm back...I think

I get myself together from being dog sick. Man, I was feeling bad. Then my monitor on my computer died. THANK GOD for warranties. Everything is pretty much back to normal and now I can get the typing. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I have the flu ya'll

I have been laid up for the past 3 days. I feel horrible. I didnt forget about you and do have a lot to share but I have to get myself together first. I hope you are doing well...

Talk to you soon


Thursday, January 14, 2010

RIP Teddy Pendergrass

Teddy Pendergrass - singer and songwriter of many soul and R&B classics - died on 13 January, 2010, at the age of 59 due to colon cancer.

He will always be remember for his sex appeal and velvety voice. This Musical gift will surely be missed. 

I am going back to Weight Watchers

Yep, I am going to Weight Watchers on Saturday. Pray for me ya'll. The meeting is at 8am and I have to get up by 6:30 in order to get there on time. I say getting up that early and driving 25 minutes to the nearest W.W. will show my motivation. I will keep you updated.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's makeup review time....New Picture

If you know me you know that I will NOT spend huge amounts of money on make-up. I dont wear it often enough to break open my purse to drop them big bills. Well anyway, As you know the trend for this year is matte lipsticks. I am a lip gloss girl so I have to add some lip stick to my collection. 

When I was out shopping at my neighborhood's version of Dollar General, Fred's, I found a woman of color makeup collection. I didnt go crazy YET!!! I did buy a thing of lipstick. Its by Diamond Cosmetics The Jazz collection. I believe that I paid $1.00 for it. When I find my receipt I will up day. Though on their website the lipstick was 1.24. This color is Golden Oak. It is a shimmery Bronze color. You can see the color very well in my swatch but it is a beautiful color with my complexion. It is very subtle. A great everyday color.

This product gets some applauds from me. Being that it is an dollar it wasn't bad. I would buy again. Actually, This weekend I am going to purchase some more from this maker. Am I late with this find? Is this product new or been around for a minute? Well at any rate its not a bad buy so far when it comes to it's Jazz Collection Lipsticks.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Live to my potential

I dont know if I blogged about this before. I have to go back and read but for 2010  I said that I am going to live up to my potential. God has planned greatness for me and I am going to live or journey to that greatness. I have so much potential but at times I feel like I accept average because it's easy. Well this year things are going to change. Keep track of me because I want you to witness and take this journey with me. I have to learn to not accept average. I have to be above average. Live my potential......

This is from my phone so pls forgive my errors.

love ya.


Friday, January 8, 2010

I woke up with this on my heart this morning

I lost a old friend recently because of statements that was made. It broke my heart that I felt the need to walk away from a friend after so many years. I have come to realize if people are jealous and hurtful, they really dont have a place in your life. You have to pray for them and keep moving.

Well anyway....This has been on my heart lately because it wasnt something I did to end the relationship. It was something that I was blessed upon and then came the nasty comments. But I woke up this morning and this was echoing in my head. 

"Dont be jealous of someone else's blessings. You will never know what God has in store for you. All jealousy does is block all those potential blessings."

Right then and there I felt better about taking a break from this friend. I believe that this friend even reads this blog from time to time. I will always love them but I had to set boundaries.

As for me, I was blocking my blessings as well. I cant feel bad about what the Lord gives me. What God has for me it is for me. I have to realize that I cant please everyone in my lifetime. I have to live according to his will. I have to appreciate all that he has given to me. If not, why should God even bother???

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

M.I.A for a lil bit

Hey Lovelies....

I will be M.I.A for a while. I moved and have to get organized. My computer is actually on my kitchen counter. I have soooo much I want to talk about when I get back. I miss ya and my lil blog talks.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Carol's Daughter

I have heard all the talk about the greatness of Carol's Daughter products. Well guess what, I am believing the hype. For Christmas I received a gift set. It contained a wide tooth comb, Healthy Hair Butter, Health Hair Smoothie, and shampoo. While I was on vacation I cut most of my hair off. I usually do this yearly. When I went to get my hair done, I was told that I had really dry hair. I knew this. She told me to use a regiment promoting moisture. My Christmas gift was perfect. I washed my hair last night and used all the products included. My hair came out really soft. I actually used a lil grease as well. My hair came out beautiful. 

I will be getting the leave-in as soon as I can get to the store.

As you know I have to try a product for at least a month before I give my 4 stars but I think this group of products will work out for me. I will keep you posted.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I'm Bacccccck

I wanted to drop a quick message. I know I have been MIA. I went on a vacation and now moving. I will update reallll soon.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!