Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Eat, Drink, and be Mindful. Chapter 1...and update

I have been trying to be more active on my blog and I am sorry I have been absent for a few days. My sinuses and allergies have me going. I have my medicine sitting right next to me. My last summer class, I finished with an 98%. Go me!! Just started another class Monday. I want to duplicate my success. Wish me luck!!!!

Now on to Chaper 1.

What is a mindful state of mind

I wont go in depth about what is mindfulness. I dont want to bore you. I have taught mindfulness and if you want me to go in depth, please let me know.

The first exercised asked to be practiced is attempting to be mentally present with all you encounter. For example, if you speak to someone by asking how they are doing,  be an present when people are speaking. Focus on the person's facial features, tone, and expression. Note how if feels to be completely present with others. Note the challenges of being completely present. If your mind wondered where did you go? What were you thinking? Why was if difficult to remain present in the conversation? Did the person recognize you being present.

Well today, I tried to be present with everyone I encountered. I had one situation that I realized that I drifted off the conversation. Where did I go? TV What was I thinking? I was speaking with my husband and found a new least a new show to me. Paternity Court. While watching this show it was definitely difficult to focus. I couldnt focus because the show had me full of amazement. I realized my husband had said something that I really didnt hear. Did he notice?  He sure did. He didnt say anthing but I did realize he told me he would talk to me later and I should enjoy my free time. No hard feelings from him but when I realized what I was doing I did feel bad.

My goal is to focus on being present with people. I believe they deserve my full attention and if I can not offer my attention I should express such.

I understand being mindful takes lots and lots of practice. It will take time to fully engage in situations mindfully. However, one should recognize when he or she is not being mindful and ask oneself why.

I will make this series a weekly thing. If you should have any questions, please let me know. I will talk to you later.

I will be back tomorrow. Lets discuss goal setting for the future and saving money. I suck at savings but I want to be better and I have a few tips that have been working for me and I would love to find a few more tips that will assist in my goal.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Checking in

I know. I know. I promised a post and didn't follow though. Sorry! Been sick and I must use a couple of sick days. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I will be working on my first week of mindful eating today with a post to follow. See you soon.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Currently Reading: Wrapped in Pleasure

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I try to get in a new book every other week....I TRY!!!

My love mystery, anything spy related and romance.

This week, I am beginning a romance novel by one of my favorite authors. Brenda Jackson.

"Two Westmoreland novels—one classic and one new—from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Brenda Jackson

Delaney's Desert Sheikh

A mix-up in Delaney Westmoreland's vacation plans forces her to share a cabin with a tall, dark and oh-so-handsome sheikh who is bent on her seduction. Jamal Ari Yasir intends to school Delaney in sensuality for his own pleasure. But instead of loving and leaving her, he becomes enraptured by an irresistible and unforgettable passion for his sexy-as-sin roommate. Can the arrogant sheikh convince his secret lover that they are fated for more than just a summer fling?

Seduced by a Stranger

Johari Yasir has no interest in returning to her homeland to marry a man she's never met—at least, not without sowing some wild oats first. And when a handsome charmer offers to whisk her away in his private plane, she impulsively accepts. Rasheed Valdemon is shocked that his bride-to-be would fly off with someone she barely knows— even though he's the one doing the asking. More surprising is his hunger for this lovely, rebellious woman. Yet what will happen when she realizes she's been seduced by the man who's destined to be her husband?"

Finished 1 class 2 to go.

Last week I completed yet another course. I am so close to the finish line and I cannot wait. I really didn't have much to talk about today. I decided to complete that mindful eating workbook. I will share each chapter with you as I complete it.

Chapter 1 is basically the introduction and assessment to mindful eating. I will be back tomorrow to share my results and what I have personally learned.

How's the eating going? This meme should answer your question.

I decided to invest in another treadmill. My handsome husband cracker the base of the last machine and I gave it away to someone who wanted to invest in the repair.

So I will end this here. I dont want to ramble. Talk to you tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mindful Eating

Hey Guys, I was wondering if you wanted to complete a mindful eating self-help guide. 

I purchased the book Eating Mindfully: How to End Mindless Eating and Enjoy a Balanced Relationship with Food, Edition 

I wrote a  few papers on mindful eating using a few mindful eating guides but never actually completed the exercises to eat more mindful. I think I want to try it out soon. 

According to Am I 
Mindful eating is eating with intention and attention:

Eating with the intention of caring for yourself

Eating with the attention necessary for noticing and enjoying your food and its effects on your body

As you can see, mindful eating is much more than “eating slowly, without distraction.” While that’s certainly an important part of it, at Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Programs and Training, we believe that mindful eating encompasses the entire process of eating:

Awareness of your physical and emotional cues
Recognition of your non-hunger triggers for eating
Learning to meet your other needs in more effective ways than eating

Choosing food for both enjoyment and nourishment
Eating for optimal satisfaction and satiety

Using the fuel you’ve consumed to live the vibrant life you crave

This broad application makes mindful eating a powerful tool for developing a healthier, happier relationship with food."

I will make time soon to complete the workbook and when I do I will share each step with you. 
I w

Monday, August 15, 2016

Review: ProX by Olay Advanced Cleansing System

I have not done a review in years but I really liked my first impression of the is product I just had to share. Went to CVS today and had a $3 off of $15 coupon for facial products. CVS also offered a $2 extra buck reward for the purchase of this product. The original cost is $24.99 with a $3 coupon and $2 cash back.

This advanced cleasing system offers  a 2-speed facial brush, 2 double A batteries, and an exfoliating renewal cleanser. It claims to be water resistant since it was made for the shower but should not be submerged in water. You must replace the facial brush every 3 months. This exfoliating system can be used daily. Despite having the exfoliation cream coming with the product, Olay says you can use any cleanser for a deep cleansing experience.

It claims to cleanse hard to remove makeup and assist in maximizing the immediate moisturizing and assists with anti-aging moisturizers.

I have only used the product twice but so far, I think I like it. I see these cleansing brushes all over youtube. A lot of beauty gurus offering discount codes for different companies. I have to be honest, I really didnt pay too much attention. I did notice a few different brands in my local big boxes but never really took interest. However, coupons do motivate me. I did notice an instant shine and it left my skin feeling extra clean. I feel that it does everything it claims and I think it was worth the purchase. I will experiment with other products with the brush but Im pretty sure it will work great.

The refill brush retails at  around 8 bucks.

Soooo if you are interested in trying it out, give it a shot. Tell me what you think.

How is my diet going??? Its going. I need to go workout. I have been debating for years to get certified as a group fitness instructor but I am not sure of the investment. I will speak with you about this further later. I need to make dinner. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. See ya tomorrow.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Battle is Absolute

The struggle is real. Yesterday was a real struggle for me. I messed up with my diet plan. I realized it has a lot to do with poor planning. When I make a plan, I have great success. Well yesterday did not have a plan and yesterday had a lot of mistakes and struggles. Now I know I am not the only one that deal with struggles in dieting. Its makes us human, I guess. I should insert a motivation speech right here, right? I should come up with a plan to prevent this from happening again, right? Welllllll....

Ok, here is a motivational story... You will have to dig deep to get the point of this story and you may even ask me what the hell does this have to do with anything. But shit its your motivational story.

I have a Squirrel that lives in the big tree in my back yard. What kind of tree you may ask? A big ass tree. But anyway, you are not allowing me to focus on my lame story. So anyway, Walter and his family of Squirrels live in a tree in my backyard. Every day, Walter causes drama in my yard. You see Shaggy, my dog, hates Squirrels. He will sit under that tree and bark, jump, and cry just to get close to that damn Squirrel. He is relentless. Every morning, shaggy runs the perimeter of the yard. Every morning he looks to see if he can find him a Squirrel. You are probably thinking what does this has to do with diet motivation. Just wait. Im getting there. Every morning its the same thing. Every morning that Squirrel is in the tree. Every morning, he runs from Shaggy. Every morning, Shaggy is there to sabotage this squirrels goals. However, every morning that squirrel comes back to his nest in my big ass tree. Every morning that squirrel fusses back at Shaggy. Every morning, Walter has a goal and he sticks around despite that damn Shaggy. Every Morning!

My point...There will always be something out there to challenge your goals. Dont stop. If you want to be that sexy skinny (or what ever your goal is) bitch, you cant allow a shaggy to defeat you. Yeah, my story was lame but you get the point. Food is an addiction that you will face every day of your life. Any relationship you have  will be tested when you are attempting to make it healthy. Unlike that tired ass husband or sorry ass girlfriend, you cant get rid of food.  Since we know that we will not be able to live without the food, we need to learn how to live with the food. Do you get my story now??? Awww, whatever!!! I liked my story!!! Also, its that time that I go outside to yell at Shaggy to leave that damn Squirrel alone.

What's for breakfast? Im craving spinach. I think I will make a spinach and cheese omelet. Maybe a piece of toast or even a half of a bagel. I dont know. However, I am getting my spinach.

 See ya later. I have to write my final paper for class this week. I may disappear. Dont give up on me again. I will be back but I just wanted to give you a heads up. Enjoy my friends!!!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Binge Watching is my addiction...Cheat days!

Image result for netflix addiction support groupI cant believe it. I can turn my tv on and watch all day. I just finished the Wentworth series. Great show!! I need a few new shows to keep me occupied until next year. 

Cheat days! How do you avoid making them cheat months...years. I try not to over indulge. I try to limit my junk food but sometimes that craving monster is powerful. Do you have cheat days? How do you talk down the monster? I have been trying to remind myself that working against all the hard work will only be depressing and work against everything I have been working toward. Sometimes it works.  Sometimes I just drink more water. Sometimes I go on a walk. Sometimes I say eff it. I guess you get the point. My day started off pretty bad but I had a reality check and I'm back on track...Lemon pepper chicken green beans and brown rice for dinner. I really don't need any more snack food. 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

I'm on myfitnesspal

I just completed my last blog post and I realized that some of you may be curious of what I eat and my calorie intake. Well check me out on myfitnesspal danagetsfit. Good or bad day, I try to post of my food. I believe I have a calorie goal of 1540?? I try to stay within that range even when I am having a cheat day. 

NOW its time to relax...

BTW... This is not sponsored
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Just one of those days...

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Just one of those days in my Monica Arnold voice. Saturday, I'm so happy to see you. I started my day early. I took care of all my errands. I didn't have a list of things to do. I just needed to return boxes to Comcast. Then back home. Every Saturday morning I start my day with Coffee and a donut. Not much for dieting but hey I eat healthy all week long I deserve a little treat. At least the coffee is with skim milk and splenda. That makes it better, right?? 

I did most of my laundry yesterday. Only delicates and white clothes were left and I got them going now. Now, I am sitting here watching Queen Latifah's Last Holiday with my feet up. I think I am going to make a nice cup of hot tea. Teavana is bae!! Smores is my flavor of the moment.

For the rest of the day, I'm going to veggggggggg (make sure it say it  real slow)!! I have no desire to do much else. I may finish the season of Wentworth on Netflix. If you haven't seen it, check it out.

For Lunch, its going to be leftovers. Whole Grain spaghetti and a homemade marinara sauce. Then snacking on my favorite extra sharp cheddar cheese. Dinner?? Hmmm!!! Not sure yet but since today is a cheat day. Maybe a slice of pizza and salad. Who knows! I am going to enjoy my free day until its time to do some homework. This course is over in two weeks and then I have 2 courses left. Then I will be paying back those school loans. So I will talk to you later.

What do you do to enjoy a lazy day?

Friday, August 5, 2016

The hard work and the emotions in being strong....

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This account has been up for many years. It has been neglected for many years, as well. I have had so many ups and downs over the years that I didn't want to oblige myself to another task. At the end of May, I had a 10 lbs tumor removed and a hysterectomy. Today I can say that I am pain-free...well besides my ankle that is healing from being re-fractured. I haven't been pain-free for over 3 or 4 years.

After cancer treatment and this recent surgery my weight has fluctuated. I finally feel well enough to return to my journey of weight loss. I could say healthy eating or a change of lifestyle but right now all I want to do is lose weight. I am being 100% genuine with you. I guess the healthy part isn't something I stress because I know with my weight loss comes a different eating style, different food. In essence, I will be adapting a new way of life and a healthier relationship with food. The Lord knows I really need that new relationship with food. 

So why start the blog again and why now? Well, I was sitting after dinner and I was deal hardcore emotion towards my weight, my decision to loss, and how was I going to tackle it. I also thought about all freaking hard work I have to put in to do it. Of course I asked myself is it even worth the effort. Then, I thought I have a clean bill of health and why eff that up. Why work against all the work I had put in when I first started. I realized I need an outlet. I need something to type out my feelings. I need to release all my feelings, good or bad, some place.  I thought someone else may feel the same way and might need to read this. People tend to post or record videos about the beauties of weight loss but they skim over the fact that this mess is hard. Sometimes you just want to say eff it. That's how I am feeling RIGHT NOW. I haven't given up. I don't plan to quit. I am not a quitter. I'm a complainer though. I am a realist. 

So here I am to document my weight loss. Here I am to share the good with the bad. I am an emotional eater. If I cant eat my emotion down, shit, why not type about all the stressor that comes with it.