Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My November pick of the Month-Shoedazzle

My shoe pick of the month.
As you may know, I am a member of shoedazzle. 

What do you think???

If you arent a member what are you waiting for, Go check them out!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Can some explain the etiquette of social websites

I dont seem to understand the etiquette of social websites; such as facebook and etc. I have friends from high school, friends I met along the way in life, some marketing networking and such on my friends list. I am a little conscience on who I add to my page. If you request my friendship and I dont know you, I will be a little kick-picky on whether I will accept that request. I will not just add if you want to JUST increase your friend's list. I mean marketing certain services are different. If you have a business and you are looking to expand your marketing through facebook and its not against who I am, sure why not. Does that make sense? That is not the point of this blog so I will get to the point. 

What do you expose on your social website? I am amazed on how many people will talk about their issues in marriage, the hate of family members, and just stuff that a stranger shouldnt know. Am I overlooking the point of this. I believe that the world should not know that you husband is a dick and you are thinking of leaving him. We are friends because you have an awesome home-based business not on a personal level. Did you forget that you add friends that do not have an history with you.

 I met someone through my pregnancy and she found me on facebook. It was nice to talk to someone that I knew when I was pregnant with my girls. One day she is going off on people. How they are taking what she said on facebook and using it against her. She stated that they misused her words and using it against her. I personally think that she gave the ammo for others to use. Then I got a new friend request with a note attached that she is creating a new page for people that she trust. Now, I accepted the request because I dont have anything against her BUT we are not close friends. It was just an association that we had when we were pregnant. I only know the basics about her and that's about it. How can I be someone that she trust when she doesnt "really" know me. 

Now this is my question. When is too much too much for all to read. I know some people need the outlet and use these sites to do so. I even had to email reminders about OPSEC. Some things shouldnt be talked about on these sites especially when you have 500-1000 friends on your page. Most people are close with maybe up to 5-10 people. Someone help me understand, please.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A new Book I read....REVIEW-Sherri's Song

 I was approached about this book one day leaving out of the post exchange. When I see positive people on their hussle, I support them. I let the book sit for a while and then I picked it up to read. I mean I did just spend my money on it. Independent authors can be expensive (Hey, I understand they don't have the same monetary backing). Well anyway, I love the book. Not so much the ending but it was a great book. I wanted more. I wanted to find out what happened next. That is what a book is suppose to do, I guess.

 I found Tonie on Facebook and emailed him asking if he was writing a sequel. The nerve of me huh?? Well If I like it, I am going to find out more about it. After reading this book, I searched online to find out more. I do that with everything. If I see a movie based on actual events, I will be researching. I guess it's in my nature. I don't mean harm by it.

 Well anyway, he said that he is working on it and I wouldnt be disappointed. I am excited. Maybe he will even consider releasing a e-book. Hey?!?!? A girl can dream right?? Maybe Tonie J. Short will stop by my blog one day and see that I believe that he is a gifted author and pray for his continued success. Yes, writing is a gift. One that I dont have. I KNOW you have read a grammatical error here and there from me. Thank you for being kind and not murdering my skills. LOL!!

Ok!!! Anyway! I got side tracked.

I dont want to ruin it for you but its about a couple that were in an abusive relationship after the husband lost his job. Sherri decided that she needed to find herself and take steps to get away from the madness. Does that give you an idea of the book? I hope so. If not, Just go get the book! Well anyway. Check it out. Sherri's Song

Why didnt I see that??

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that is totally apparent that you have blinders on. Pssst.... I have to raise my hand. I tend to want to see a situation for all its goodness but then realized that it wasn't even worth the effort. Just oblivious to the reality of the situation.

Somebody please tell me why do we put ourselves out there like that.

This goes for friends, jobs, politics, church...Everything you can think of. Well today is a new day for me. I am taking these blinders off because I want to enjoy the world for all the beauty it has to offer me.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Contact requests, emails, and such

Lately school, the kids, and just plain ole life, has me ripping and running and little time to enjoy my blogging. Did I mention that my husband deployed. I sign in here and there but haven't caught up with my correspondence. If I haven't contacted you back yet, please be patient with me. I am working on it. Blame my mind not my heart, honestly! So I think that I am officially back. Just about caught up with my emails. I have quite a few reviews to do; food, jewelry, and skin/hair products. I hope that you stick around and enjoy My happy-chaotic-life!!!!

See ya natural hair routine and make up finds.


21 lbs by December 21st

Yep, that's right. I am working on losing 21 lbs by 12/21. I am not doing any real "diet". Just portion control, wise choices, and exercise. Every week I will update you with my progress. I will write you on Friday to tell you how I did for the week on a Scale of 1-10 and on Monday's will be my weigh in.

Wish me luck!!

Shoedazzle Vs. JustFab...Revisited

Hey Shoe pals,

The first post I made is still popular so I wanted to update you on these two sites from my personal experience. Well I left JustFab. Why? I didnt think that they were able to cater to my needs. Every time I would get my monthly picks, I would get shoes that just didnt fit me. I email them about it and they pretty much told me that they dont offer shoes that I was looking for. I like the heels but I need heels that I can walk in with my bad ankle. The really high 3 and 4 inches wont cut it. They asked me to hang in there and maybe once in a while I may find something. Well I did. I mean if you dont like the shoes just click the skip this month option.

After 3 months of doing this, I decided that I needed to just cancel and stick to Shoedazzle since they have a little of everything. Some I like some I dont.

In order to cancel your membership with JustFab, you have to call in to speak to someone. I didnt feel like being bothered because I knew they were going to attempt to retain a customer. I mean who wouldnt, right?? I called though. I was expecting the worse and didnt get bad service at all.  So I told the CS rep that I was interested in cancelling. I told her that they didnt have shoes that are suited for me. She said, "Sure we do." I then told her about the responsee email that I received that stated otherwise. It was a very pleasant convo. Then explained my issue. She really didnt argue her point after that. She then suggested that I stay for the purses and jewelry. Now I dont know about you but when I join something for one thing. I want that one thing. I told her no thanks and we disconnected.

Now, I am not saying that you shouldnt shop with Justfab. I thought the shoes were gorgeous just not what I am looking for. I have been with Shoedazzle for about a year now. I dont purchase every month but I do purchase and LOVE them.

UPDATE 11/05/2011

A Marketing Rep contacted me from JustFab to try their products again about two weeks ago. At first, I doubted the authentication of the email so I called JustFab to verify the email. Once I was told that this person did represent JustFab, I decided to take them up on their offer to sample a few shoes and jewelry. I would have loved to learn that JustFab offered something for me.

A week later, I was excited to find a huge box which contained 2 boots and one pair heel and two jewel samples. After opening the boxes to review the shoes I was very disappointed because the shoes that they asked me to sample were old and heavily worn. I emailed the rep back with pictures just to let them know what I received and I was greatly disappointed. I was not asking for replacements or anything like. I just wanted the rep to know that I would not recommend them to someone if I was not willing to wear them.

Though thanked them for the opportunity because normally I would have just not posted about this but after research I realized that I am not the only person to receive shoes in such condition. Unfortunately, the reviews that I found were paying consumers unlike myself just receiving a sample of their new designs.

 I am not by any means saying that you shouldn't shop at JustFab but I feel that my experience should be given since you are here searching for reviews and my perspective.

If you should have any questions, please ask away.