Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Shoedazzle Vs. JustFab...Revisited

Hey Shoe pals,

The first post I made is still popular so I wanted to update you on these two sites from my personal experience. Well I left JustFab. Why? I didnt think that they were able to cater to my needs. Every time I would get my monthly picks, I would get shoes that just didnt fit me. I email them about it and they pretty much told me that they dont offer shoes that I was looking for. I like the heels but I need heels that I can walk in with my bad ankle. The really high 3 and 4 inches wont cut it. They asked me to hang in there and maybe once in a while I may find something. Well I did. I mean if you dont like the shoes just click the skip this month option.

After 3 months of doing this, I decided that I needed to just cancel and stick to Shoedazzle since they have a little of everything. Some I like some I dont.

In order to cancel your membership with JustFab, you have to call in to speak to someone. I didnt feel like being bothered because I knew they were going to attempt to retain a customer. I mean who wouldnt, right?? I called though. I was expecting the worse and didnt get bad service at all.  So I told the CS rep that I was interested in cancelling. I told her that they didnt have shoes that are suited for me. She said, "Sure we do." I then told her about the responsee email that I received that stated otherwise. It was a very pleasant convo. Then explained my issue. She really didnt argue her point after that. She then suggested that I stay for the purses and jewelry. Now I dont know about you but when I join something for one thing. I want that one thing. I told her no thanks and we disconnected.

Now, I am not saying that you shouldnt shop with Justfab. I thought the shoes were gorgeous just not what I am looking for. I have been with Shoedazzle for about a year now. I dont purchase every month but I do purchase and LOVE them.

UPDATE 11/05/2011

A Marketing Rep contacted me from JustFab to try their products again about two weeks ago. At first, I doubted the authentication of the email so I called JustFab to verify the email. Once I was told that this person did represent JustFab, I decided to take them up on their offer to sample a few shoes and jewelry. I would have loved to learn that JustFab offered something for me.

A week later, I was excited to find a huge box which contained 2 boots and one pair heel and two jewel samples. After opening the boxes to review the shoes I was very disappointed because the shoes that they asked me to sample were old and heavily worn. I emailed the rep back with pictures just to let them know what I received and I was greatly disappointed. I was not asking for replacements or anything like. I just wanted the rep to know that I would not recommend them to someone if I was not willing to wear them.

Though thanked them for the opportunity because normally I would have just not posted about this but after research I realized that I am not the only person to receive shoes in such condition. Unfortunately, the reviews that I found were paying consumers unlike myself just receiving a sample of their new designs.

 I am not by any means saying that you shouldn't shop at JustFab but I feel that my experience should be given since you are here searching for reviews and my perspective.

If you should have any questions, please ask away.

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