Friday, February 26, 2010

My 19 week weight loss challenge

So I have begun a 19 week weight loss challenge. My goal is 30 lbs. This is a mini-goal to kick start my challenge. 

Week 1. (last week) Discover where my issues are with food.
                                 A. I don't eat three meals a day. I tend to be starving by the time 8pm rolls around because I haven't made time to eat.

Week 2. Fix the Problem....EAT three meals a day and my 2 snacks
                                 A.  I never realized how hard this is for me. I don't have time and I realized that I haven't been making time to really sit down to eat. Teaching myself what and when to eat has been a REAL challenge but I am doing it. 

My P.H.A.T of the week
Use a journal. I use I LOVE that site. 

"If you are in the early stages of a weight loss program, you may find a weight loss journal helpful. It can help you track your weight loss from day to day and week to week, along with other information that you may want to note as you move toward your weight loss goal.

Use your weight loss journal to keep yourself focused on your goal."


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My feelings about Valentine's Day

Nope, I'm not one of the chicks that believe that Valentine's equals gifts. I do get the flowers and my favorite strawberries dipped in chocolate. Other than that, I'm good. Don't need the extra. I guess I am a person that believe in the "just because". If you buy me something I want you to buy it for me just because. If you have a little romance in the heart, I want it just because not because it's Valentine's Day.  I really don't feel this is a day that a man or woman should go broke over. Love should be celebrated everyday. I feel that one day shouldn't dictate that love. I may be the only female out there that believes that. My husband doesn't make a big deal out of me feeling this way but maybe its because he doesn't have to stress out with the rest of the people in those crowds. LOL! 

I believe in romance and all the beauties of love. I am a huge romantic just not really feeling it on that day. 


Monday, February 8, 2010

Where has the time gone.....

Between being a mother, a wife and a student I havent had much time to blog. I am taking my last class to graduate with my A.A. I am sort of nervous because this is the same class that I took and failed and I couldnt graduate. SO NEEDLESS TO SAY I AM A NERVOUS WRECK!!!

Time for me to hold down the fort while my husband do his soldier thang. The prep for that is so time comsuming sometimes. The first month is usually HARD AS HELL but then I get in  my groove and can move forward.

I did send in my application to continue on with my B.A. It took me months to decide what school I wanted to go to. Talk about being indecisive. Now, I just have to pass this class and graduate. I can't believe that I had a High B average and failed a class. What am I mad.

I think I am finally...well just about settled in the new house. I have decided to update some of the rooms decor. I have to keep the mind busy while my husband is gone or I will go crazy. I also started going to the arts and crafts center. Talk about fun. Coming from a skeptic, I really enjoyed myself. There is framing, pottery, and ceramics offered there. I put on my ipod and I am in another world.

Working out.....I have cut down on some of my eatting but not like I want. I havent really started working out. I will get busy with that next week.