Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My feelings about Valentine's Day

Nope, I'm not one of the chicks that believe that Valentine's equals gifts. I do get the flowers and my favorite strawberries dipped in chocolate. Other than that, I'm good. Don't need the extra. I guess I am a person that believe in the "just because". If you buy me something I want you to buy it for me just because. If you have a little romance in the heart, I want it just because not because it's Valentine's Day.  I really don't feel this is a day that a man or woman should go broke over. Love should be celebrated everyday. I feel that one day shouldn't dictate that love. I may be the only female out there that believes that. My husband doesn't make a big deal out of me feeling this way but maybe its because he doesn't have to stress out with the rest of the people in those crowds. LOL! 

I believe in romance and all the beauties of love. I am a huge romantic just not really feeling it on that day. 


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I couldn't agree more sister. Why should people only celibrate love on a day dictated by everyone else. Shot I want my guy to show me love everday, rather than one day a year.