Thursday, April 29, 2010

How do you do it??

I am sooo domestically challenged. I hate laundry. I hate cleaning the kitchen. I just hate housework. I see some people go about their business and just have the most orderly home ever. ME? Nope. I dont like a messy house. I dont like clutter or junk. I don't even like knick knacks. So cleaning isnt that bad for me because I believe in less is more. Then again I don't clean daily. I clean weekly with picking up around us daily. I am very sneaky though. My downstairs is very clean but if you go upstairs and looking in bedrooms. It can be a very scary thing on some days. Maybe its because I have just too much going on. The kids room?!?! My Gosh!!! I have them clean their own rooms but we are talking about 4 and 7 year old. Its not a very good job unless I am standing there dictating. After cooking, cleaning the kitchen afterward, helping with homework, bath and bed routine, and my homework I really don't care about having clean windows and tidy rooms.  Lord help me if I have mopping to do.  I do clean because its a necessity. I am dragging when ever I have to do it. I have been even dubbed with friends the Bleach Queen. When you visit my home of cleaning day you may think that you walked in a indoor pool. But really how do you motivate yourself to clean?? I would seriously get a maid if I worked full time.

I'm married to a soldier and the army is his mistress....

And that heffa sometimes get all the attention.

How do I handle being in a relationship with a man that is gone for long periods of time?

Chile, it's hard. Most people that are married or dating someone in the military will tell you that being in love with someone that has to put there job first is a difficult task. Also being a their spouse isnt for the weak. You have to know how to handle being alone for long periods of time.

How do I cope?

I have to take it one day at a time. I find technology and the post office to be my best friend. Cell phones, web cams, letters and boxes. These are some of my options of communication and it is very valuable time for me. I try to keep busy. Sitting around thinking about him not being here isn't going to make the time go by faster. So no "Whoa is me" syndrome. I have 3 children to also keep me busy. With their schooling, my schooling, ballet, gymnastics, tai kwon do, and everything else, I really don't have to time to sit and be depressed.

Intimacy, you ask?

You will create different ways to be intimate with each other; phone sex, cyber sex, and sexting. You get my drift right. Though intimacy isn't only sex. Its the need of being close. Sometimes, I turn my laptop on and let my husband just watch me sleep or go about my day. He said that he likes that. He can be studying (in school for his masters) and every once in a while look up to see me doing my essential stuff and he gets to be apart, so to speak.

This the short version of dealing with a long distance relationship with a soldier. I do have to say that you have to be in love and committed to each other to really be able to deal. Reunions are always the sweetest. I support my husband and I support his decision of being an Army officer. I am very proud of him. He is truly my hero. It's hard not having him around for all of us. Some days are better or worse than others. I love this man and separation is only situational. It does NOT define my relationship.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Right now...

watching...workers clean up the fallen trees from the tornado this weekend

reading... Textbooks. Back in school.

listening... Tree shredding thingy outside

knowing... I can do anything I set my mind to

wanting... a vacation family

I gained a pound

Yep, I did. I pigged out on pizza this weekend and the scale told on me yesterday. I just LOVE mushroom, onion, and banana pepper pizza! I didn't realize it until later that night that I just kept returning to another slice of pizza. I cant tell you how much I had but it was more slices than I needed. Did I give up...NOPE. I kept it moving. I know that I can't do that again. I didnt drink my water like I should've this weekend. I should've had a salad with that pizza so I could have just been full. 

See I realized where I went wrong now its time to act on it. No big deal.

My new blogging schedule.

I realized that I blog all my post in one day and then have nothing else to write about later in the week. Sooooo, I took yesterday off and thought about how to fix that. I have a simple plan. Every day is a blog topic day. So here it is until I change my mind. Did I ever tell you that I am very indecisive?!!!

Monday: Healthy Living. Another from my health product reviews to weigh-ins. 3
Monday: My Right Here Right Now Segment. It really clears my mind.

Tuesday: Beauty and Fashion. If I want to talk make up or fashion. Even what new product I am trying to clean my face, I will save it for Tuesday.

Wednesday: Relationship days. This is where I am going to talk about my friendships and marriage. 

Thursday: Domestically Diva- Talking about being a housewife and things it take for me to be domestic. This is a challenge. YEP. I hate cleaning. Though, I hate a dirty house. I hate laundry. I have a family of 5. It has to be done.

Friday: My Hobbies!!! Friday's may not take off until later this summer because I'm moving.

Saturday: Mentally Healthy. This is my mind cleansing or just random talks. 

I hope that you enjoy my blog. I really do. Grab a cup. Take a seat. Enjoy my blog....flaws and all!!!!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stop being a wuss Dana...

I woke up this morning and my back was stiff as......nails (ha! I havent seen my husband in months. The brain went straight there.). I got up whining. I dont want this. I dont want that. Why when I set my big weekly goals does mother nature have to come for a visit(last week). I mean I woke up with a major attitude. WTH!!! I decided that I wanted to hop on the scale for all farts sake. I know that I didnt lose a pound last week and I am really pissed about it. I mean I killed it in the gym. I wanted to see one damn pound gone.

Ok Ok Ok, You know I can get long winded.

I got naked. YEP naked. Why do I weigh myself naked is beyond me but I got naked and hopped on the scale. Looked down and there it was. I was missing those 5 lbs that I couldnt get rid of last week. I jumped off. Nearing killing myself. I mean I have DDD's and I am jumping naked. What a visual? I know. So anyway. I got back on. Yep those 5 lbs I wanted to lose are GONE finally.

All of a sudden my stiff back isn't as bad as I thought. I started talking myself into going to the gym today. I could get on the bike and ride for about a mile. Nothing to hurt my back. No weights....maybe. I mean I am working on the legs. That has nothing to do with my back. SEE!!! Those 5 lbs motivated me to get going. I am sitting here on cloud nine with my tofu sandwich, cucumber water just smiling. Well maybe not with the tufu and cucumber. I thought that make sound a bit more official. Its more like a hard boiled egg, yogurt and a whole wheat english muffin with a teaspoon of sugar-free jam. YUM. I think I may be the only person in the world that LOVES hard boiled eggs. A little hot sauce and pepper and I am in chicken heaven.

The moral to this story.....Dont give up! I didnt give up Monday. I still worked out. I still maintain control on my eatting and I still lose those 5 lbs that I needed to lose last week.

Now to work on this scale addiction.......

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sex vs. Love: topic of the day

What you didn't know I LOVE Wendy Williams. How you DEWIN?
 What this video and lets discuss.

My thoughts...Well I actually agree with Wendy. Sometimes the romance needs to start before you get in the bed. Do the little things to lead up to the sex. You are loving on your husband, flirting with your husband, just the sneak that little dirty note his pocket sometimes makes the sex even more explosive. Also, there are times you need to take charge in the bedroom. Communicate what you want through body actions and sweet whispers. Men are mind readers. A lot of women always say that men thing with the wrong head. If that's truly the case then you have to remind him. "Hey, I need some foreplay buddy!!"  Don't wait until you are married for ions and then try to change up. You have to be open from day one with your mate. My husband and I have been together for 14 years. There are some times its like get while you can. Having 3 small children in the house doesn't really define romance. So the little things leading up to that sexual encounter REALLY means a lot. Also if he is pleasing you, you need to please him. He has wants and needs just like us, ladies. Which means in the beginning communication is imperative. Going into the relationship knowing the wants and desires will clear up all those welll...eeewwww and you want me to do what!!!!

Remember you can always shoot me an email with your questions on relationships anonymously. I will try to answer the best I can with the knowledge that I have. Until next time.....

Right now....

watching...the trees blow in the wind

reading... up on healthy living

listening... To a TV I need to turn off

knowing... that I am not looking forward to going back to school

wanting... To lose these last 5 lbs to meet my first goal so I can be steadfast on this next one.

embracing...the fact that there isnt enough hours, minutes and seconds in one day

My 15 week weight challenge

Yep, I challenge myself to lose 30 lbs in the next 15 weeks. Not to bad right? 2 lbs a week. Slow but steady. I will eat about 1750 calories per day and I will workout in some sort of way for about 30 minutes. NO EXCUSES!!!


Monday, April 19, 2010

I know I've been slacking.

There is so much I want to share with you but I honestly haven't had the time. I just graduated the beginning of the month with my A.S. and now I go back to school for my B.S. Then I am moving this summer. Not to mention, my husband isn't here. Free time is a thing of the past. I really want to start on some of the crafts ideas that I have in my head but I haven't even had the time. So, this week I am going to the Dollar Store with a mission to find something to craft. I really want to make a fancy cake holder. Everyone that I see making them get their tools from the Dollar Store. Well I am going to see what I can come up with. So Wednesday, I am taking a trip to my local D.S. and on a mission. Talk to you soon!!

Almost threw that damn scale out the window

As you know I weigh-in every Monday. So I get up and head straight to my scale to be disappointed. Those 5 lbs I knew I was going to loss, didnt go any place. I didnt gain or loss. I guess I should be thankful for that but I'm not. I had that lil vistor last week and I found myself snacking more. I also decided that I dont need to journal my foods anymore. Well, I was wrong. I worked my butt off in the gym. Which my husband thinks that I am lifting too much. He said that I need to get more cardio in. 

Deep breathe! Its a new week. I still have a goal of five lbs to lose this week. Yes, its a lot but I can do it. I know I can if I get my Sh*t together. So here goes.....

Back to Journaling. More Cardio. Less weights. Less snacking. MORE WEIGHT LOSS. 

So here is a picture of me....Can you see the weight loss?? Be honest?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010 Weigh in and goals for the week.

For the longest I have been embarrassed to say how much I weigh. How does a girl go from 150 to 260. Well that's what I did. I'm 5'8. Which people say it camoplages my weight....NOT.

So, Feburary 16 I said enough is enough and I am getting back my healthy. I am going to be healthy again. I stepped on the scale and cringed at 242. I have had hard times with this for the pass few months. Some weeks I am a beast others I am a wimp. I am doing though. I will not stop until I get to my healthy weight range.

I weighed in this morning. I weigh in 225. I am SOOOOO excited about that.

My Goals for the week:

1. Lose 5 lbs

2. Keep up with my water intake. Right now I drink about 80 ozs a water per day

3. Eat only when I am hungry and eat until my body is satisfied.

Me at Christmas at my parents house. See the belly??? Weighing about 240.

Me for St. Patrick Day. I need a full body picture. You can tell that I lost some weight. 

Friday, April 9, 2010

Had to blog about this one.

As you know, I am dieting, changing my way of life though healthy eating, losing weight, shedding the fat. However you want to look at it. I told my husband a little while ago (actually 10 minutes ago via webcam) that I need a motivator to drop these last 25 lbs to reach my mini goal. He said "Well, how about this? If you drop those last 25 lbs by the time I get home (In three months), I will hand you a gift certificate for a day at the spa." HELL YEA!!! He knows that by the time he gets home I am going to need "Me" time. He also knows that for years I have been saying that I wanted to go back to the day spa. I had a ball. That was like 10 years ago. I just never gone back. Well that is a motivator!!!! Lose 25 lbs and I get a full day at the spa. I dont know about you but I am screaming right now in excitement. So, now spring break is coming to a end and I am about to go back to the gym. I am going to grind out those 25lbs. I am going to put a sticky note on my IPOD. When I want to get off that treadmill or leave the weight room, I can look down at two words DAY SPA.....ALL DAY!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Right Now

watching...looking at my daughter playing

reading... lots and lots of blogs on how to turn trash into treasures

listening... One of the twins playing with her toy

knowing... That  I am able to accomplish anything that I put my heart into

wanting... To hurry up and lose these 20 lbs to meet my first goal

embracing... the fact that I will not lose those 20lbs overnight
I got all 600 pictures printed off my computer. Now, what am I going to do with all those pictures. I have never scrap-booked in my life. I think I may start. Some are going on the wall in the family as a family collage project but I will have hundreds and hundreds more to do something with. A great project.

I will also have a project for you this weekend. I have lots of jewelry that I dont know what to do with. A jewelry box doesnt work. I was browsing around and I got a great idea that I plan on tweaking and sharing with you.

What an eventful week!!

After 15 years of being a career college student, On Sunday I earned my Associates of Science in Business. Then on the 26th, I go back to finish out my degree in Hospitality Management. How exciting is that!!! I am really proud of myself. For the longest, I couldn't see the light at the end of that tunnel. I didn't graduate with a 4.0 like I wanted but I did finish with a 3.3. Math and my communications teacher kicked my butt. I swore that comm. was going to be an easy class. I have to stop all that damn thinking. 

Then on Easter Tuesday, I celebrated my eldest son birthday and passing. If you dont know the story I wrote about it if you are curious. It wasnt tooo bad for me but it was a rough day. One thing that really made me smile that day, besides knowing that I gave birth to a very special baby, was when the kids were out front playing and they saw a butterfly. They chased and chased that butterfly. He would fly over their heads like he enjoyed playing with them as much as they enjoyed him.  Finally the butterfly landed in front of them and allowed them to pet him for a really long time. To watch them be so gentle and to see a beautiful creature allow my terrors to pet it was amazing to me. When I texted my dh about it he said to me "You know that is your son, right?" I smiled with pride because it was soooo sweet. The big brother stopped by to play with his little brother and sisters. What a beautiful image!!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Resurrection Sunday!

While having fun activities to occupy our time on this special day. We forget that this is the day that "MY" Lord and savior rose from the dead. I want to thank the Lord for all that he has done for me. I wish you all a blessed and fun Easter.

On Easter Sunday, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  It is typically the most well-attended Sunday service of the year for Christian churches. 

Christians believe according to Scripture, that Jesus came back to life, or was raised from the dead, three days after his death on the cross. As part of the Easter season, the death of Jesus Christ by crucifixion, is commemorated on Good Friday, always the Friday just before Easter. Through his death, burial and resurrection, Jesus paid the penalty for sin, thus purchasing for all who believe in him, eternal life in Christ Jesus.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's Thursday Already.

Wow, I didnt even realize it. Now I have to take an hour to myself and enjoy myself with out any intruders.
What to do? What to do?