Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stop being a wuss Dana...

I woke up this morning and my back was stiff as......nails (ha! I havent seen my husband in months. The brain went straight there.). I got up whining. I dont want this. I dont want that. Why when I set my big weekly goals does mother nature have to come for a visit(last week). I mean I woke up with a major attitude. WTH!!! I decided that I wanted to hop on the scale for all farts sake. I know that I didnt lose a pound last week and I am really pissed about it. I mean I killed it in the gym. I wanted to see one damn pound gone.

Ok Ok Ok, You know I can get long winded.

I got naked. YEP naked. Why do I weigh myself naked is beyond me but I got naked and hopped on the scale. Looked down and there it was. I was missing those 5 lbs that I couldnt get rid of last week. I jumped off. Nearing killing myself. I mean I have DDD's and I am jumping naked. What a visual? I know. So anyway. I got back on. Yep those 5 lbs I wanted to lose are GONE finally.

All of a sudden my stiff back isn't as bad as I thought. I started talking myself into going to the gym today. I could get on the bike and ride for about a mile. Nothing to hurt my back. No weights....maybe. I mean I am working on the legs. That has nothing to do with my back. SEE!!! Those 5 lbs motivated me to get going. I am sitting here on cloud nine with my tofu sandwich, cucumber water just smiling. Well maybe not with the tufu and cucumber. I thought that make sound a bit more official. Its more like a hard boiled egg, yogurt and a whole wheat english muffin with a teaspoon of sugar-free jam. YUM. I think I may be the only person in the world that LOVES hard boiled eggs. A little hot sauce and pepper and I am in chicken heaven.

The moral to this story.....Dont give up! I didnt give up Monday. I still worked out. I still maintain control on my eatting and I still lose those 5 lbs that I needed to lose last week.

Now to work on this scale addiction.......

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Congrats girl, it's nothing like losing that pesky five pounds!!!! All your hard work is paying off.