Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sex vs. Love: topic of the day

What you didn't know I LOVE Wendy Williams. How you DEWIN?
 What this video and lets discuss.

My thoughts...Well I actually agree with Wendy. Sometimes the romance needs to start before you get in the bed. Do the little things to lead up to the sex. You are loving on your husband, flirting with your husband, just the sneak that little dirty note his pocket sometimes makes the sex even more explosive. Also, there are times you need to take charge in the bedroom. Communicate what you want through body actions and sweet whispers. Men are mind readers. A lot of women always say that men thing with the wrong head. If that's truly the case then you have to remind him. "Hey, I need some foreplay buddy!!"  Don't wait until you are married for ions and then try to change up. You have to be open from day one with your mate. My husband and I have been together for 14 years. There are some times its like get while you can. Having 3 small children in the house doesn't really define romance. So the little things leading up to that sexual encounter REALLY means a lot. Also if he is pleasing you, you need to please him. He has wants and needs just like us, ladies. Which means in the beginning communication is imperative. Going into the relationship knowing the wants and desires will clear up all those welll...eeewwww and you want me to do what!!!!

Remember you can always shoot me an email with your questions on relationships anonymously. I will try to answer the best I can with the knowledge that I have. Until next time.....



Why did you make that offer? LOL. Don't be surprised if your mail box is full soon. Lord know I need some love advice. LOL

Mom.Wife.Me said...

Where have you been??? I missed you! How are you doing?