Thursday, May 20, 2010

I made a calendar

for activities for the month of June. Is that anal? I have planned out the whole month of June. Will be doing it for the whole summer actually. I need that much organization. It helps me keep a sane household and mind. I add regular schedule programming all the way to after school specials (Am I the only one that remember those?). I schedule ongoing activities as well as special events that is in the area. I post it on the front door. I have the children involved in this activity as well. They tell me what they would like to do for the summer and I try to incorporate it into our schedule. We will also work in our Summer Bridge Activities Workbook. 

What is that you say? 
It is a skill retention workbook. It encourages a child to work on a page per day for 20 days. Each page takes about 15 minutes. If you speak to some teachers, They say that they send a lot of time going over stuff that is forgotten during the summer break. It encourage summer readings, making goals, and mastering skills. There aren't enough pages to fill the summer so I do not give a page everyday. I incorporate activities that encourage learning as well. So every other day, We work in the book and alternate with some sort of activity. When I complete my activity list, I will share. 

What do you do with your kids during the summer? 

We go swimming, bike riding, library visits, ice cream days, free play, you name it we try to do it. No idle minds in this house!!!!

What does "HE" think about all of this??

How does your husband feel about your new weight loss challenge?

He supports me 100 percent in all I do. He is awesome like that. If I told him that I wanted to open a store that only sells straws, he would tell me that I would have the best straw store out there. I think that is why I keep him around. He is always that encouraging voice. Now, he does tell me that when I am doing wrong. The other night we were talking and I told him that I wanted some candy and lots of it. When I am depressed or stressed I want to eat and I want to eat a lot (I just realized this. I never realized that I was an emotional eater). He told me that I cant be like that. He was honest and told me that if you are stressed or depressed, face it and move on. Fatty foods is NOT going to make things better. He was right. He also told me that waiting to do my P90X was a little dumb. Well forget you husband. I knew what he meant though. If I have the set why not start now. No time like the present. He told me that if I want to lose and if I think that P90X is going to help me get to my goal I need to stop with the excuses and start yesterday. I have to say I love him and sooo not like him for being my cheerleader. He will not let me give up with out hearing his mouth about it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Body Moisturizers...

As you may know by now I try not to buy moisturizing products that has any tree nuts in it because of my daughters allergies. I then went on a hunt for some sort of skin moisturizer that didnt burn her or had some time of nut. Well what I found was just to go to my grocery store and grab some olive and grapeseed oil. Blend it together and add a little water. WORKS WONDERS for her. I even love the way it leaves my skin. I have a spray bottle that I keep in my shower. Before I dry off, I spray on my mixture. Then dry off the excess. YEAH, it can get a lil slippery so be careful.

So there you have it. I was told to buy the cheapest I can find in those oils. I actually don't skim. My daughter has eczema REALLY bad that I want the best I can get.

No weight in on Monday!

I was so busy that I forgot. Yep I forgot. I will not weigh in late. I will just weigh in next monday. Actually, I am a little scared to actually weigh-in.

Friday, May 14, 2010

I need someone's help

Can someone please tell me how they do it all without help? I miss my husband terribly. I hate when he has to go on his extended vacations. Not only do I miss him because he is my hubby and best friend but I miss him for the extra set of hands that he gladly provides around the house. So please tell me, How do you do it? How do you go to school, keep a clean house, be a great mom, taxi, a nurse, a cook, and maintain a social life with out the help. I have yet to add social life in that mix yet. I just don't know how....

I know I know I suck--Relationship days

This single parent thing is HARD. I am busy not to mention school is kicking my butt. I'm sorry....

What makes a perfect marriage?

This is an actually an easy question. If you can find a PERFECT marriage, call me. Everything takes work. Like growing a garden, You plant the foundation, you water and nourish it, and then you appreciate the hard work by seeing the growth. Nothing is perfect. Everything takes work. You will not find PERFECTION. In a marriage, there will be things that you don't like but being able to compromise will take you a long way. Sometimes acceptance is the key. Dont aim to change someone. It may change them but the change may not be what you are looking for. This is why a courting period is so important to me. Dating is like shoe shopping. You walk into DSW looking for a gold shoe. You are in heaven. You see lots of shoes that you adore. Some you think that you will love but once you try them on you can see the corns just forming. Others may not be your size. Some may just be UGLY on your feet. Then there is THAT shoe. It's beautiful. You love that shoe but the only color available is red, black, and blue. They make not have that Gold you THOUGHT you wanted but you realize that Red is just as DIVA as the Gold. No, you are not settling for a new shoe but you see that you can have the same greatness in that RED shoe.  You take that shoe home and it is so comfortable that you dub that your all time favorite...Yeah, a mate isn't a shoe but didn't I say I was a self-proclaimed diva. The analogies even has to be in a great shoe spirit. But anyway I think you get the point. See ya lata!!!

P.S. Practice in your mirror the term "Yes Hunny!" It will save you a lot of heart attack later.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Product Revisit...Mango Butter Soap

Last tuesday I posted about buying mango butter soap. Like always I try the product for  a week and then give you a review. Well I guess I will give it 3 out of 4 stars. Its a decent facial soap. It smells great. I dont think that I would buy it again because it just doesnt stand up to my fave. It isnt as moisturizing and its not as much product. I get a monster amount of soap with my black soap. Both cost me me about 2 bucks.  Dont get me wrong nothing is wrong with this product. This products does work. I fell asleep with makeup on the other night. Yep, the horror!!! Woke up with pimples everywhere. I did my normal routine and my pimples were dried out. Now that is a good product. Go out try and tell me what you think!!

If you have a product for me to review, shoot me an email. I will give it a try.

Monday, May 10, 2010

A dozen of Truffles and Strawberries dipped in chocolate

I had double of this!!!!!!
That is what I call a awesome mother's day. Yes, I did eat them. Well I still have some strawberries left. Ok, maybe just 2. I woke up saying ooohhhhh crappers, I have to get on the scale. Well guess what I still lost a  two pounds. This is with me eating all of that and only going to the gym once this week. Though, I did keep active I didnt actually do my cardio workout. Since, I enjoyed myself that much last week. I am going to strict on myself THIS week. 19 lbs to go until I get to my first mini goal. I am actually really proud about this.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Domestically Diva

So I was thinking about this for a while now and it has been driving me insane. With all that I have going on lately, things have been left undone-like my housework.

I usually straighten up as I go but I only CLEAN one day a week. I thought about delegating chores. NOPE, I haven't delegated them yet. I kept saying to myself that they are too young. Well no more. Especially since summer is on the horizon, I am making a chore list.

Everyone has to pull their weight in the house before I loss my mind. I have even been blog hunting on ideas of chore delegation. Some of them are really good. Next Thursday I will update you with what I came up with. I have soon to be 4 year old twins and a 7 year old. They will be tasked out to do chores that is appropriate for their ages. I have a feeling that my hopes and prayers for a little relief will be answered.

How deep is your life.

How deep is your love, how deep is your love
I really mean to learn
'Cause we're living in a world of fools
Breaking us down
When they all should let us be
We belong to you and me

Yep I went and quoted the Bee Gee's. But really how deep is your love for yourself . Recently I was talking to someone about their relationship. I'm not really close to her but we do talk on occasion. Well she told me that her husband was cheating on her again with two women at a time -THIS TIME. She said she's not leaving him. She is going to settle for being married-just no sex and no respect towards him.

All I can think of is how much do you really love you.. She started going to the gym and trying to improve herself for him. People ask me all the time am I losing weight for my husband's return. I respond with the quickness " I want to lose weight for ME. He will benefit from it but this is a personal mission".

Now the first thing I thought was "You can't make anyone love you if they cant fall in love with themselves". Damn good quote isnt it. I know. When I got it, I got it. All I see was an unhealthy situation for the both of them. Since when is cheating accepted. We are not talking about an open-relationship. That is another blog topic. She told me that she will get a new car out of the deal. Really you are now the same worth of a car...

Ok, Ok, I am judging....

I guess the point of this entry is to think about YOUR worth. You have to love yourself more than anything else. If you don't love yourself first, how can you love someone else the way they should be loved.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Head over heels over my black soap..

But when I went to my BSS, they were out. I decided to buy a Mmango butter soap bar. I will be trying it out and keeping you posted. I have used it about 2 or 3 times. So far I don't like it as much as I LOVE my black soap. I have a review on Black soap if you are asking what the hell is black soap. But anyway, Next Tuesday I will tell you if I LOVED it or HATED it.

Talk to you soon.

With all the flooding...

here in Tn. I havent had time to really blog. I weighed in at 221. I cannot get over this 220 hump. I am really down about it because I have been working hard. After looking over what I have been eating, I realize that I have a lot of carbs in my diet. So I am going to try to revamp that. I also have P90X ya'll. I am so nervous about this workout but I will be doing it. I will startthis video in June. Since I cant go to the gym starting in June, I wanted to get down to business. I will keep you posted.

Well talk to you later. Love ya!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

My New Years Resolution Revisited

My resolution was to better myself Mind, Body, and Soul. I wanted to fall in love with myself again. I wanted to have a more healthy relationship with myself. Which included losing weight, getting my A.A. and renewing my relationship with God.

I have lot some weight. I took some pictures yesterday.

I have to admit when I am working so hard to renew myself what is not to love.

My personal relationship with God is amazing. I am a very spiritual chick. I talk to God all the time. He is my homey! =) I am still working on my cussing but I am work in progress.

I earned my A.A. April 4th and started working on my B.S. this week. I am really progressing in my goals and resolution. I believe that I am being so successful because I have an attitude of a winner. I can do anything that I set my mind to. I just have to make the effort even when the work seem to be unbearable.

Have a GREAT weekend.