Thursday, July 8, 2010

JustFab Vs. Shoedazzle.Com....Update 11/2011

If you follow my blog (if you dont, please explain why) you know that I love these websites.

Brief review: $40 monthly shoe club. Both sites offer a selection of shoes, jewelry, and handbags.

I do have a preference though of the two sites. I think I prefer shoe dazzle over Justfab. This is just a personal preference because of my own personal style. Justfab really only offer high heels that are 3 inch or higher. They have a few that arent so high but for the pass three months that I have been a member only once did they have shoes to my height preference. I actually wrote them asking about my concerns and they told me that they dont offer much in the terms of what I was looking for. Dont get me wrong. I love heels but with a freshly healed broken ankle 3 inchs and higher isnt cute.

Now with Shoe dazzle, they offered more of a variety in the terms of heel heights. They may offer less shoes to choose from (Justfab sends you 6 shoe choices per month and Shoe Dazzle offers only 4) but the 4 that they do offer all are different. This month they offered me a wedge, a 3 incher, a 2 inchers and a pair of sandals. With Justfab, they offered all higher heeled shoes.

Now if you are the queen of heels JustFab maybe just for you but if you need a variety of heels, Shoe Dazzle may be your perference.

A free plug. They need to make me an affiliate, right??

UPDATE 11/05/2011

A Marketing Rep contacted me from JustFab to try their products again about two weeks ago. At first, I doubted the authentication of the email so I called JustFab to verify the email. Once I was told that this person did represent JustFab, I decided to take them up on their offer to sample a few shoes and jewelry. I would have loved to learn that JustFab offered something for me.

A week later, I was excited to find a huge box which contained 2 boots and one pair heel and two jewel samples. After opening the boxes to review the shoes I was very disappointed because the shoes that they asked me to sample were old and heavily worn. I emailed the rep back with pictures just to let them know what I received and I was greatly disappointed. I was not asking for replacements or anything like. I just wanted the rep to know that I would not recommend them to someone if I was not willing to wear them.

Though thanked them for the opportunity because normally I would have just not posted about this but after research I realized that I am not the only person to receive shoes in such condition. Unfortunately, the reviews that I found were paying consumers unlike myself just receiving a sample of their new designs.

 I am not by any means saying that you shouldn't shop at JustFab but I feel that my experience should be given since you are here searching for reviews and my perspective.

If you should have any questions, please ask away.


Jean Challenge Review Week 1

So basically I sucked!!! I only worked out one day and didnt really eat like I should have. No pictures this week. Dont forget to check out my youtube channel for live updates.

Facebook and some things on my mind

Now that all these social websites are popping up, I have been finding long lost friends everywhere. It is great and not so great at times. But I have a question....When you get in contact with old friends and you hear that they werent doing so well over the years, do you feel bad about telling them how well you have been doing? I Do. Well if they were close friends way back then I am honest and I tell them that I actually have been blessed with a wonderful life. But then there are the ones that I hate to tell that to. I spoke to someone a few weeks ago and I swear life was just shitty for them...their words not  mine.  When they asked how have I been doing over the years instead of telling them the breakdown like they did, I just said I have been well. Is that a good or bad thing?? I just dont want them to feel bad. Is that wrong?