Thursday, July 8, 2010

Facebook and some things on my mind

Now that all these social websites are popping up, I have been finding long lost friends everywhere. It is great and not so great at times. But I have a question....When you get in contact with old friends and you hear that they werent doing so well over the years, do you feel bad about telling them how well you have been doing? I Do. Well if they were close friends way back then I am honest and I tell them that I actually have been blessed with a wonderful life. But then there are the ones that I hate to tell that to. I spoke to someone a few weeks ago and I swear life was just shitty for them...their words not  mine.  When they asked how have I been doing over the years instead of telling them the breakdown like they did, I just said I have been well. Is that a good or bad thing?? I just dont want them to feel bad. Is that wrong?

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