Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Eat. Drink. Be Mindful Chapter 2

I know its been a while. Getting back in the swing of things on the blog has been a bit difficult. I forget to post but anyway.

Chapter 2 - What is mindful eating?

  • I believe when we began this workbook. I believe I discussed mindful eating. A quick overview, Its not a diet. One will not cut out foods or drinks. One would not even count calories. Mindful eating is being aware of what one is eating. To be fully present when focus on eating and the food. One learns to become aware of our mind and body. One will learn to identify hunger and fullness cues. Also, one will be able to identify mindless eating triggers. 

Three Steps to Mindful Eating Using the Mind and Mouth

  • Tune in to the physical characteristics of food
  • Tune in to repetitive habits and the process of eating
  • Tune in to mindless eating triggers

Seven Skills of a Mindful Eater

  • Awareness
  • Observation
  • Being in the moment
  • Being mindful of the Environement
  • Nonjudgment
  • Letting go
  • Acceptance
Reading this section, I found that these components of mindful eating are the key to gaining an healthy relationship with food. I wont go into detail. I believe when you attempt to eat a meal today or in the near future, you should implement these skills and document the feelings accompanied with attempting this and each skill. 

When are you cured

I ask myself if I will ever crave or indulge in food once I find success in mindful eating. HECK YEAH!!! I love food. However, I want to find balance. I want to respond differently to those craves and indulging in tasty food. I want to eat to enjoy the taste, the feeling while eating. If I eat my maple cupcake with caramel frosting. I want to enjoy every sensation. I want to remember eating and enjoy every minute. I have eaten without thought and without a full enjoyment. You probably have to. Eating driving to work, watching a movie while eating dinner, and any of those situations that we are eating and not taking time to REALLY be mindful while eating.

The Mindful Eating Motto

As I continue to review this workbook by Susan Albers, PSY,D. I have found that she includes mantras and mottos throughout the book. She encourages to make Eat, Drink, and be mindful our manta. Repeat it to ourselves frequently to assist in changing our direction of thought.

 Albers, S. (2008). Eat, drink, and be mindful: How to end your struggle with mindless eating and start savoring food with intention and joy. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger Publications.