Monday, October 27, 2008

Been awhile!!!

Where have I been up to???

Here you go...No other words needed! Terrible twos are kicking my butt. I promise tonight I will update. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, October 6, 2008

A wonderful weekend.

I had an awesome weekend. I have to say that most of my weekends are great. Being with the hubby and kids just to chill is amazing. Well This weekend was honestly a splendid one. I went to a BBQ on Saturday. Well that was kinda weird. I am not one for drinking in front of my kiddos but I see that everyone doesn't feel the same. I stayed for a bit but I did not want my children around a bunch of fucked up people. Especially since that was their get shit faced as they called it. Anyway, they were cool peeps. Honestly, they were sweethearts. I really don't judge people for their lifestyles. They were cool people that saw things differently. Point blank! Some would beg to differ.

Then Sunday, I went out with a new girlfriend of mine to celebrate our birthdays. I had a ball. We went and did some girly stuff. When we got back to my house, I realized that the boys were done playing. So, I decided to host an impromptu BBQ. By the end, I finished at the grocery store and got everything set up it was pitch dark. I invited some neighbors and really enjoyed food and conversation....IN THE BACKYARD (there is reasoning behind that comment. Thats another post). Since it was a school night, we had to call it quits. But I do have to say, I had a ball.

Then I realized that its about 10 and I have yet to start my paper that was due. I finally did it. UP ALL NIGHT!!! I did get to have a good conversation with Mike though before I really got into my paper. Honestly, that is one of the reasons that I fell in love with that man. We can sit and talk about any and everything. He is just that easy to talk to. Another reason is just because he is HAWT. LOL. He reads these...I have to suck up. I mean come on.

Other than that, all in all I really did a bunch of nothing and had a ball doing it!!

Going to stop by the gym today and see what classes they offer. Yep, I am still determined to work out and get all this fabulousness in check. I have a lot to live for and weight isnt going to hender it.

Until next time....God bless.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

My husband---GRRRRRRR

Ok, I think that this weekend is his goal to see how long I can be mad at him. I swear that man knows the exact buttons to press to send me to hatersmanville. Gosh, why does he have to do that.

But on the good note. Yesterday as I was getting out the car he said "bay, button your pants up they are falling off your ass." I turned around and looked at him like he had about 4 heads. Because I did have my jeans button. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEAN???? The man thinks I am losing weight. Too bad the jackass came in the house and pissed me off with one of his wonderful sarcastic remarks.

You know I love you bay, But damn!!!!!

Ok, I'm not focused here. Anyway, for my husband to notice that I am losing weight is a...amazing thing. Only if he knew comments like that will make he a very happy man day after day. (wink wink)

Side Note: I havent lost a pound. I actually gained weight moving to In his own little way he was trying to be sweet. At that moment that was one of the sweetest things he said to me all week. Well that and telling me that I he will volunteer to keep my girlfriends son so that we can have a GNO for our birthday. Hey, Im'ma simple dont take much anymore!

Enjoy the weekend.

Friday, October 3, 2008

I am taking a stand!!!

Today is the day that my big ass get up and lose some weight. I been fabulously fat one too many days. I am declaring that I am getting over this and getting all this fabulous to a leaner, sexier self. LOL!!!!!

Come journey with me!!! Updates to follow.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Being lazy

Since I refer all my groupies (friends) to my blog for current events, I guess I should update you on my life. Jokes!!! Ya'll not my groupies...maybe fans? How does that sound. Well anyway.

Well Mike isnt going to Iraq as planned all further flights have been canceled. You can not understand the relief. Yea, my husband dont go... yipee yipee yipee. Most of all, I dont have to go through the holidays trying to explain where Daddy is. I know that he's not going NOW, but he will have to go later. What excitment! SARCASM!!! Just wait until after the holidays in this new dead ass state.

My birthday is Tuesday. I am kinda excited. I cant believe that I am turning 30 freak 1. Where have all the time gone. Damn!!!! But anyway, I am planning with a girlfriend a girls day to celebrate our birthdays (Being that hers is the Sunday after mine). I dont know what I'm going to do...BUT Alcohol is going to be involved.

Lets see what else.....

Besides the kids driving me batty, not much going on. Just getting ready for the holidays. Its something about this time of the year, I LOVE IT. Thanksgiving at my house. Anybody that not busy, you are always welcome as always!

Well let me get some homework done. I have to keep this smart thing up.

Love ya'll like always!!!