Monday, September 29, 2008

Where have I been??

I feel so damn bad lately. I talk to friends that I haven't spoke to in a while. So much has changed in their lives. I know time doesnt stop but dang I have so much to catch up on. I had no idea that time has passed like that. I really don't mean to be so distant. Things have been so crazy in my life, sometimes I don't know which way is up.

I truly love all of you and I really do think about you. Just starting to get my life back...Just put your life on hold until I get caught up DAMN!!! LOL


Sunday, September 28, 2008

My weekend!

I really have to say that so far I enjoyed this weekend. I went car shopping. I always have fun car shopping or house hunting. There is nothing better to look and shop for something. The kids were wonderful....well as wonderful as 3 young children can be going to do something they clearly care less about.

Then I went to the Ultimate Man Store. I love Lowes. Why do I think that place is sexy?!?!? All the tools.....aghhhh! Picturing a hot man with no shirt with a chest full of muscles...abs of steel, and a freaking stomach to make you blush...woooah! HA! HA! sexist I know. Then when I actually go in there, I find more big belly men with shirts too small to cover the kegs and kegs of beer belly. LOL!!

We finally have Matthew's bed complete. He loves his new bunk bed. Still scares the hell out of me. The boy came downstairs this morning talking about all the cool ways he can jump off the top bunk. This is coming from a VERY clumsy child. But as long as he is having fun, Then I am a happy mommy. All I have to do now is to replace the blinds with cool "Boy" curtains. What the heck is that? But thats what the men of my house call it. I will see what I can do.

Oh my goodness, Can you say having girls are sooooo cool at times. I have sewn curtains. I put up border, made cool pillow, I think I created a pepto bismol palace. Pink and Brown is every freaking place. I actually love it. Nothing makes hard work feel better than your child saying, "Mommy, I yike kit. I still have some more work to be done but this place is actually starting to feel like home.

Ok, I have to go and finish enjoying the weekend. Love YA!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Can I get a person shopper PLEASE!!!UGHHH!!!

Its a true blessing to have my twins. I am very thankful to have them. Lord knows I am. But come one people. Please let me get my grocery shopping done without being stopped in every aisle...5 or 6 times per aisle. I really appreciate the attention that the girls are given but sometimes its overwhelming. I could be trying to settle two crying and aggregated 2 yr old girls and someone will ask " How can you tell them apart? Wow, I feel for you having twins is hell. Better you than me!!"

First, I can tell them apart because they don't look alike. I just look them in their face. If you see that having twins are hell, why are you trying to get their attention while they are clearly upset. Better you than me, I can see because you have obviously ignored the fact that I am trying to deal with two mad children.

Ok, I feel better now. Can't you tell that I hate grocery shopping. Then to HAVE to do it without a husband is a Biiaattchhh!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rain just for you!!! and to those interested in buying

Here is your finished project.

Hope the girls enjoy!

I have decided to start selling if you are interested $9.00. Different Material is available.

All bags are lined with Velcro closures. Also, have strong handles for those serious trick or treaters.



Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The end of another quarter.

Guess what ya'll??? I actually have some book smarts. All that time that I used up being the biggest lust didnt affect my brain.

History: I am a 5 time college drop out.

Well I just finished up my last quarter and finished up classes with B's. No not A's but moving to Ky. and going to school kicked my ass.


But anyway, I am actually a lil bummed. I had a 4.0 and I am slowing dwindling to a damn unexciting 3.2. Whats up with that?!?! I think I got comfortable with school and not doing what I am capable of doing.

Well, my new two classes are Religions of the World and Economics. Wish me luck!

Living with blinders on.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that is totally apparent that you have blinders on. Pssst.... I have to raise my hand. I tend to want to see a situation for all its goodness but then realized that it wasn't even worth the effort. Just oblivious to the reality of the situation.

Somebody please tell me why do we put ourselves out there like that.

This goes for friends, jobs, politics, church...Everything you can think of. Well today is a new day for me. I am taking these blinders off because I want to enjoy the world for all the beauty it has to offer me.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Aint use to NOTHING and a lil update

I decided that I need to fix this anticipated pain of this upcoming deployment. So, Whats better than spending money yourself.

Nope, I am not use to SHIT!!! I decided to go get me a new purse and a Tattoo. I have never spend that much money on myself in one day. Especially now that I have 3 kids.

Sorry for the cell phone picture. I dont know where in the world is my camera USB cord.

I can say that tat hurt like a bitch. Damn, usually I take getting a tat like a champ. That heffa was digging her needle in my freakin leg. I swear I wanted to punch her in her face. She was really sweet though.

Rumors are going around that they are going to delay deployment. First of all, I HATE RUMORS. Then I hate that they keep pushing it back. Dont get me wrong I am going to love the extra time with Mike but I just want to get this over with. So I can start missing him and start counting down him coming back home.

I have been using my sewing machine. I think this crafty lonely wife thing is going to be a homerun. Photobucket


Next I am working on Curtains for my living room. I will post pictures.

Besides that nothing really new is going on. I have been trying to spend as much time with Mike as I can. I promise this dry blogs will be more interesting.

Much Love, like always....Me

Thursday, September 11, 2008

If you are happy and you know...clap your hand.

I have some free money and I want to spend it. What should a girl do?!?!I do want a new tattoo. Though I would love me a new purse. I could get both if I budget my money well...hmmmm

A. A tattoo is permanant
B. A Purse would look so good on my arm
C. A cute tattoo with a cute purse

I know this is so trivial but when you are a lady with no life...This s#$@ is serious. I never buy myself anything. Usually when I get free money, I spend it on the kids. They really don't need anything. They are set. I even put money in everyone's savings. Gosh! Not to mention my birthday is next month and I will be officially turning Olllllllllddddddddd! Naw, strangely I have no problem with turning 31. I even can say it aloud. I am excited. I love birthdays. Anything that involves cake, I am there.

I really don't need anything. But I really think I DESIRE a gift for myself. I am going to be a single mom for a while. I think I need a treat to remind me that life isn't that bad. LOL!!!

I really cant think of anything else I need....This will have a Part 2 maybe even with pictures.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The questions children ask....TMI

Ok, I got a good one for you. My wonderful and inquisitive son came and asked me the other day "Mommy, why does ladies where band aids in their panties". At first, I was dumbfounded because I didnt know what the heck the child was talking about. So I just blew it off and said I dont know. Whiling finishing making breakfast, (grits, eggs, sausage, and cinnamon rolls...for those who need details.) it hit me what he was talking about. I sat there for a minute trying to figure out how I was going to explain to a 5 year old boy why some ladies wore band aids in their panties.

After Pondering this for a while, I thought I had three options. I could lie, have the birds and bees talk, or give him the condensed version.

So, I asked him if he remembered that ladies can have babies in their bellies. He said. "Yep, you had me and my sisters in your belly." I proceeded to tell him that God let mommies know when they have a baby in their bellies by mommy having to wear or not to wear a bandaid.

Either the explanation worked or I lost the poor child and he didnt want to know anymore. He just said ok and walked away.

Now, I just need to get some new locks on these bathroom doors!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

A got a new toy- I am so lame!!!

I am feeling a lil domestic. I just bought a sewing machine. Artist designed originals on the way...NO LAUGHS!!

Years ago, I would have cringed at the thought of buying something like that. I am really excited about this. I have a list of things that I want to make.

First on my list, Halloween bags! Then I will be working on curtains for the house.

For all my skeptical friends, Yes I can sew. LOL. I will take pictures when I am complete with my first project.

Hmmm maybe I will become a seamstress when I grow up...HA HA!!! yeah right. Aint that good!!!

I'm feeling a bit political....Might take offense!!!!! So dont read if you sensitive!!!!

"I'm 31, and I have never voted. I have no desire to vote. I wont be voting in November neither"

Since this is "MY" blog, I am going to address this nonsense and a few other issues. Usually when I hear that statement I try to get the person to explain to me why in the world something that important they are not taking part of. Though everytime I hear it I cant get an logical answer.

Since this person is a friend, I am going to address"her" and her dumb ass reasoning. (You know I love you girl but a friend has to help you out when we feel that you are headed with your head up your behind.)

First, You are military. I don't care what people say or think. MILITARY FAMILIES NEEDS TO KNOW POLITICS. We don't have to have the tv on CNN all day. Nor should we have to be consumed by it. Just a thought, what Congress and the President does WILL affect our lifelihood. If you're not going to vote please dont start a conversation with me about how many times your husband have been deployment and you are pissed about it. I dont want to hear about how the military is underpaid and underappreciated.
Dont get me wrong. I dont know all there is to know about politics(If someone wants to make sense of this electorial college, I am more than willing to discuss). One thing I will know is what these candidates are saying about our military situation and their plans of action. I want to know about global warming. I am very interested in our energy situation. With that said whether a candidate is man or woman, they cant please everyone nor can they fulfill all they speak of. Its not realistic. 4 years is not enough time.

But back on topic...

People state that this election isnt about black and white. WHATEVER!! Lets be realistic. We still have a LONG way to go before people take color out of politics. Shoot, we cant even concieve a woman in the White House.

Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Indians...etc etc (long list) Why are you watching black and whites make it about them. You are here and not going anywhere. You have a stake in these elections as well so what sense does it make for you not to fight. There are more in this country than black and white people. Mind you I am not stating this about EVERYONE. Just the people who fit in this category.

With that said...

There is a black man running for president. HISTORY HISTORY HISTORY. Black people, why are some of you still not aware what's the man name? Unconcievable!!!

BARACK OBAMA! better yet the other dude is JOHN MCCAIN!!

Since I am not making this a black or white issue more like a why not vote issue(sadness of not voting), I am going to have to address my white brothers and sisters too. If you dont want to vote, please come up with a better reason for not voting. I am tired of hearing that you cant vote for B.O.because he might get killed. Really, Do you not think that he hasnt thought about all of this? I honestly thought I was going to hear more black people use that excuse. That was shocking.

Wait a minute Republicans! We are going to address some nonsense of you as well. If you are not going to vote, get off the man age." He's too old. He might die!"

Newsbreak....EVERYONE DIES! Someone young in the office have a chance of dying. Its part of life not politics.

Since I am Black American woman, I can really only address what I know. I know that its sad that we are facing some horrible times. Why cant we cant sit down for a minute and go register and vote. We have ancestors that fought and died for us the right to vote, It really dishearten me that you dont take advantage. If you think the "white man" is holding you down. One thing the white CANT do is take away your rights to stand for something. YOUR rights! YOUR vote!

The excuse of my vote isnt going to count anyway...That burns me up!! Hell, go vote. You can get a few hours off work and maybe get a cookie (some sites gives cookies). When something goes down at least you can say"well I voted...mmm you should have too." There is be other names on the ticket. YOU DONT HAVE TO VOTE FOR OBAMA OR MCCAIN. But your vote will count because that 1%-15% of citizensvoting in the other parties means that they you were not going to sell your vote to the highest bidder per say. Does that make sense to you? Email me, I will explain.

Besides the war, we have other issues that we should be concerned about.
  • NON-RENEWABLE energy. Non-renewable means once its gone its gone. Look it up! We should be looking into renewable alternatives. Again, email you want to talk more about it.
  • Health Care- Why are there so many people out there without insurance (I dont agree with universal insurance but another day another topic).
  • Welfare and unemployment
I could go on and on but dang this thing is long enough.

All I am saying (with grammatical errors and all), Please go and vote. If you need help with understanding issues, please just ask someone. If I dont know I will look it up and we will learn together.

Friday, September 5, 2008, husband, and me

So its official. My husband is headed to overseas. I thought that I was going to be scared to death or even better yet resentful. I am actually doing better than I thought. I do fear the reactions of my children. I really want this to be a smooth as possible transition for them.

One reason I decided to move on base is for the kids to have children that had or have to cope with some of the same things; such as deployment. Though I am not that fond of the housing, I will deal so that my children can have what they need. I started explaining to my oldest what is going to happen. He is kinda blowing it off right now but I think that some it will soon set in. He is a pretty strong kid. I know just like mommy, do not let his time be idle. So I will be looking into that soon. Also, for the twins, I am going to register them for preschool. A few days a week for them to be around other kids will be good for everyone. I just hope that that transition will be a smooth one. Being Mama's girls, I hope that being separated from Mommy is stress free.

Keeping everyone busy will ease my husband heart and I want him to be as stress free as possible. I think the poor man is killing himself inside. He is so worried about me. He doesn't want my shyness to be a crutch when he is gone. I will try to work on that as much as I can. I think we will be fine. Prayer is what is going to get me through.

OK as for me, Hmmmm lets see. I think I am going to be OK. My nerves will be tested but I will be OK. I just have to break out of my shell, get out and try this social butterfly thing. I am thinking about new hobbys. I did buy a new sewing machine. I read a lot so my Kimani Romance books will help. Thats right I LOVE romance novels. Not to mention, I am going on a serious weight loss life style change. Thats not much but its better than nothing. I have a plan. I just have to follow through. Oh how could I forget, I have college. I am looking for a new church. My faith is something that is dear to me and I know will help me get through this. With a new blog, I think that I have a place to place my feelings. With all that on my plate, sitting and moping shouldnt even have a place on my calendar.