Sunday, September 28, 2008

My weekend!

I really have to say that so far I enjoyed this weekend. I went car shopping. I always have fun car shopping or house hunting. There is nothing better to look and shop for something. The kids were wonderful....well as wonderful as 3 young children can be going to do something they clearly care less about.

Then I went to the Ultimate Man Store. I love Lowes. Why do I think that place is sexy?!?!? All the tools.....aghhhh! Picturing a hot man with no shirt with a chest full of muscles...abs of steel, and a freaking stomach to make you blush...woooah! HA! HA! sexist I know. Then when I actually go in there, I find more big belly men with shirts too small to cover the kegs and kegs of beer belly. LOL!!

We finally have Matthew's bed complete. He loves his new bunk bed. Still scares the hell out of me. The boy came downstairs this morning talking about all the cool ways he can jump off the top bunk. This is coming from a VERY clumsy child. But as long as he is having fun, Then I am a happy mommy. All I have to do now is to replace the blinds with cool "Boy" curtains. What the heck is that? But thats what the men of my house call it. I will see what I can do.

Oh my goodness, Can you say having girls are sooooo cool at times. I have sewn curtains. I put up border, made cool pillow, I think I created a pepto bismol palace. Pink and Brown is every freaking place. I actually love it. Nothing makes hard work feel better than your child saying, "Mommy, I yike kit. I still have some more work to be done but this place is actually starting to feel like home.

Ok, I have to go and finish enjoying the weekend. Love YA!!!

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