Friday, April 3, 2009

A reason, a season and even a lifetime

God places people in our lives maybe for a lifetime, maybe for a season, but always for a reason. Sometimes God will bring these healing packages into our life for a season. Other times they may be in our life for a lifetime. God will bring them into our life, but it is often up to ‘us’ how long we allow God’s input to stay in our lives. Let’s let God decide the seasons, rather than us.

When God places someone is in your life it’s always for a reason. It may be for a lesson, or even to support you during a difficult time, they even provide us with support and guidance, for some reason they are there to aid our needs physically, emotionally, or spiritually. We may not always realize their reason but God has sent them with a purpose and it will reflect in your life forever. Also, they may not always be around but their mark in your life will always remain strong.

When God places someone in your life for a season, it is similar to a farmer during the harvest. During this time, the farmer is blessed with a beautiful land and crops to share and enjoy. When the season is over, all the gifts that the land provided have ceased. We have people in our lives like this. They offer us everything we need when we need it and when it’s time for them to leave we have to let them go and start nurturing ourselves. People come and go, but looking into the purpose of why they have to become part of you is realizing the gifts the real beauty of your life.

And then God sends us someone for a lifetime. They are there for you and with you through it all. They are our rock, our partner and even friend. God has placed this person in our life to help build our spiritual, emotional and physical foundation. We must accept this person in our lives for this type of blessing isn’t something that comes just every day or even a season. Often times we always feel like we need to tell God what we require and the things we want him to readily change, but he knows what we need before we even ask. This is one reason he provides us with people for a lifetime.

We should learn to value those that God sends into our lives to teach us lessons - regardless of how it’s presented to us.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I forgot to post this sooner but YAY!!!! Mike was accepted to OCS.

April 1st -beginning of new goals.

Hopefully the joke isn't on me. Today is the day I decide to set yet another goal for myself. This time its not so much weight loss but health. I am *gasp* 31 and I think that its time to think about my longevity. I am starting my new vitamin regiment. I working out EVERYDAY for at least 30 minutes. My skin and nail care is going to be kicked up a notch. I am going to taking the time and care about me on the inside and out.