Friday, December 31, 2010

My "Rock Wit Me" jams for 2010...

    • I am a music buff. I have so many songs to list on here. I forgot about my Gospel and Pop hits. I think I forgot about a few songs from my R&B/Hip Hop category, as well. But theses are the songs that were found in my iPod for 2010. This was fun! 

In no particular order. 

Everything to Me



Love The Way You Lie




Jay-Z + Swizz Beatz



Diddy - Dirty Money Featuring T.I.




Travie McCoy Featuring Bruno Mars



Dr. Dre



Mary Mary Featuring Kierra KiKi Sheard




Marvin Sapp



DJ Khaled Featuring T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg & Rick Ross



Snoop Dogg



Ludacris Featuring Trey Songz



Rick Ross Featuring Styles P



Timbaland Featuring Drake






Jay-Z + Alicia Keys



Birdman Featuring Lil Wayne & Drake



Drake Featuring Lil Wayne



Eminem Featuring Rihanna



B.o.B Featuring Bruno Mars



Young Money Featuring Lloyd

There Goes My Baby

Share My Life

Hold My Hand
Michael Jackson

Love Letter
R. Kelly

Kanye West

F** U
Cee-Lo Green

Chris Brown

Finding My Way Back

Alicia Keys

I’m Doin’ Me

When a Woman Loves
R. Kelly

Can’t Be Friends
Trey Songz

Sometimes I Cry
Eric Benet

Loving You No More
Dirty Money

Soldier of Love

All I Want Is You
Miguel Featuring J. Cole

Whip My Hair

Lay It Down

You Are
Charlie Wilson

Aston Martin Music
Rick Ross


My Favorite Movies of 2010

My new friend Tasha over at Chatting with Tasha did a post similar to this and I just had to jump on the bandwagon.

 Now since I am a mama of 3, 4 year old twins and a 8 year, some of my favs are from geared to the younger audience.

In no particular order, I have a few that I still want to see but just haven't had the time. 

Spy Next Door-Who does like Jackie Chan??

Ya'll I laughed harder than the kids when we went to see Tooth Fairy! I love the ROCK!

When in Rome: My husband thought it was corny but I thought it was kinda a cute movie. :)

I was highly entertained with this one also. 

LOVE Anthony Anderson in this. Being a mother of twins, of course I liked it. 

Since a child, I loved Marmaduke. 

Saw this in 3D. Even though I spent my car payment money for a family of 5 to check this one out (I kid), it was a great movie. I think I spend like 100 bucks that day...just to see a movie (SN: I wish my car payment was just 100 bucks). WOW! Cute movie.

FUN-NAY!!! I <3 Will Ferrell

I Love Romantic Comedies. Sorry! I am a girly girl. LOL!!

I <3 Common!!!

This was a cool one, too. 

I want to see The Rock in 3

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What's your favorite video game?

I dont have a favorite video game. I dont play much of them anymore unless its Wii bowling. I am a pro on Wii, I suck in person. LOL! Back in the day, my favorite game was Super Mario Brothers.

Ask me anything

Resolutions...yay or nay??

Actually the beginning of 2010, I made a list of resolutions. I did pretty good with pursuing my goals. I decided that I wanted to become a better me. Since I am soon to be going back to the workforce and the kids were getting ready for school, I wanted to find me. I believe that I lost me devoting my time to my family.

Some of my goals:

1. Lose weight-I did pretty good. I lost 40 lbs.
2. Dedicate more time for myself-I took more time for me (not as much as I wanted).
3. Spirituality- I believe that I was in a good place with my faith but I wanted  to develop my spirituality.   No so much church but my relationship with me and God. Does that make sense to you?
4. Financial growth- I paid off most of me and my husband's debt. I'm still working on those school loans.

For this year, I have another set of goals. They may not be hard for some but man it's a killer for me.

1. Stop cursing.---YES, I need to work on that
2. Lose more weight. Remember I started my wellness classes. I want to lose about 70 more.
3. Exploring and vacationing more.
4. Finish with my Bachelors. I should be finished in September if I maintain the schedule that I am on.
5. Like I said in my last post, Come out of my shell a little more.
6. I want to dedicate more time to me. Which is why I am starting writing about my fashion.
7. My natural hair and nail journey. I have a goal of maintaining and improving the state of my hair and nails.

Since the purpose of my blog was to document my life, you will get to go on this journey of 2011 better me resolutions.

I hope that you have a wonderful New Year!!

What am I doing for the new year? Not much. My son wants to watch the ball drop with me. I told him we will watch the ball drop and drink sparkling cider. I doubt the twins will be able to hang that long. My son can hang...most of the time out do me. I have to finally tell him to go to bed. LOL! Hopeful the one with the chicken pox is feeling a little better by then.

Do you have any resolutions?

Talk to you later,

Friends for tomorrow

One of my 2011 new year resolutions is to come out of my shell. I tend to be very shy and moving to new areas can be rough when you not an outgoing person especially a little lonely during deployments. Over the years being a military wife and child, I learn that making good friends make deployments and being away from home a lot easier.  I have gained a lot of friends over the years. I am very thankful for them.

Now it's time for me to get out and get to know some new people. I been in Texas a few months now. I have been friendly with  a few friends but haven't really got out and met some really good friends. One thing I have learned is finding friends is a lot like dating. You have to get out there and mingle. Meet a lot of people and find the one. My husband doesn't understand why it takes so much time for me to meet new people. This is coming from Mr. Outgoing himself. Mind you I am deathly shy. I don't know why. I have been told that it is surprising because once they get to know me I am outgoing, myself. I guess its just that initial meetings.

For those who are SAHM's, it can be harder because you may not get out as much around other adults. I am now in a place where I have no kids at home. It can get especially lonely when I'm always solo.

So I am on a mission, I am going out there and mingle. Here's to a great year and great friends.

Typing with wet nails

Since I told you that I was trying my hand at caring for my natural nails, I will share what I used tonight. The look isn't the hottest because of the thin and brittle portion of my nails. I need polish on them to help protect them so I am just letting them look like a polished hot pitiful mess. I got tired of the clear polish.

Week 2 with my natural nails.

Tonight I am using the Milani brand polish. The base coat is 202 Nail Strengther. The color is 94 Bet on Red and the Milani brand top coat. I purchased all these at Target a  year ago, I believe. I did a review on the polish a little while ago.

Ohhhhh, I forgot I also used Deja Vu Dead Sea Minerals Cuticle oil. It was a stocking stuffer from last year I never got around to use.

Please forgive the camera phone picture. Battery on the phone is dead.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ask me anything

Elmo wants to be a chicken, elmo wants to be a duck...quack quack quack.

Yep, one of the twins has it. The poor baby has eczema and now chicken pox. The poor girl. If you don't see me around this is the reason why. See ya soon!!

Like I need another reason to spend more money

Checking my email, I get really excited because I got a coupon for 25% of Disney jewelry. This is handy since the twins has been asking for some new Minnie mouse earrings and neckalace (as they would say it.). 

So of course I am going to share with my friends. 

Now through January 4, you can take 25% off the entire Disney Collection from! This offer is valid with coupon code DISNEY2.

And then as I was looking they asked me to share this promotion, as well. I dont own much in the costume ring department. And its 40% off.  So of course I will share this link. I only encourage shopping when it's a deal. HA! 

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Contest....Go see!!

My new blogger friends over at Rush Our Fashion are having a contest giveaway for this gorgeous ring. If you haven't checked them out yet, what are you waiting for. By the way, after checking them out leave a message and don't forget to tell them that Dana @ momwifemedaily sent ya.

Back to my natural nails

I was wearing gel nails for a few months but the fact that my nails were getting thinner and thinner every two weeks. So I decided to take them off and care for my natural nails. You will see more blog posts on my nails in the near future. You may see a few product reviews and tips that I have learned along the way.  My goal isnt long nails but healthy. This is what I am starting with.

When you arrive to this blog, what should you expect...

Well, I started this blog maybe a year or so ago with the purpose of rediscovering myself. After 7 years of being a full time mom and a few part time business ventures along the way, I am approaching a new chapter in my life. I am soon returning to the work force. I wanted to document this journey.

During this journey, I talk about my spirituality, my fashion, my family and marriage, finances, and health and beauty, and my life as a Army wive. Things that I talk to amongst friends.  When I first started my blog I talked a lot about my relationship and that led to me answering questions for others. I do not claim to be an expert but I am a friend. Which is the reason, I answer emails. It's my virtual girlfriends and coffee time.

I also talk about products that I try from time to time. If I like something, of course, I will share with my friends.

Since the New year is approaching, I am looking to find my niche with my blog. Please feel free to email me. To become a friend, and just comment. I would love to get to know my readers. See ya next year!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Relationship Email....Like a virgin...uuuwwww!

So here it is!

My reader wrote me a brief email asking me my thoughts on losing her virginity. 

She stated that she is a virgin but her boyfriend is not. She is not sure if she is ready to have sex yet but get in situations that are very sexual. She asked how should she handle situations like this. 

First of all, I dont know how old you are but at any age, I believe that waiting until you are ready and comfortable is MOST important. Do not feel obligated to fulfill anyone needs but your own. If you are not ready-Dont rush it!!! 

But also remember...SAFE sex when the time comes. 

I think that you shouldn't put yourself in a situation that leads to a place that makes you uncomfortable. Please don't be ashamed to be a virgin. Also, make it known that you are not ready to have sex, yet. If your partner doesn't understand that then I "believe" that your partner is not ready to be in a relationship as such. I believe that you should also play it safe. If too much kissing or groping gets to be a bit much, then slow it down. No need to take it to a level that you are not comfortable with. I also believe that you need to know your partners feelings on this. Ensure that your partner isn't feeling that you are leading them on.  Some people prefer to avoid situations, all together. 

Communication is the key. 

My natural hair Journey.

I have a new love affair. I am loving my hair. At first, I was scared of my hair. I mean....WHAT?!?! No Perm!  Then after that first week of shock. I was in love. I have viewed many many youtube channels and blogs about hair. I still watch for styling inspiration.  I taken what others have said about their hair and made a routine for my own based on my needs. I think that is where most fail at this journey...knowing their OWN needs. People have to remember that every journey is different. I encourage my mother and sister-in-law to join this journey and each and every one of us have different issues and goals. Even different curl patterns. All of us are different and all of us HAVE to use different things to make our hair happy. Though what I have learned in this journey is Moisture and Sealants is the key to success.

What is important to me is a good moisturizer. Something that first ingredient is WATER. Then I seal it with a oil. I cant forget that trims are VERY important. I don't care what anyone say. Ethic hair DOES grow. One just have to learn  their hair needs to assist in retaining health and length. Black or ethic hair is naturally curly. Some curl patterns are tighter than others which is why moisture and oils are important.

**A quick tip** Straight hair grows faster because of the pattern. Since it is straight, the natural oils have the ability to slide down the shaft of the hair. With Curly hair, oils do not have the same ability because of that pattern. This is why moisture and a sealant is important. Our hair needs assistance to moisturize the ends. The more curls the more delicate the hair is. It is easier to break. Which is why some believe that curly hair doesnt grow. With care and food for the hair, obtaining healthy hair can be a breeze.

 I have been transitioning since April and did my big chop in October. At first my hair was hard and felt brittle. I have found some things that works for me and now I have soft and strong feeling and looking hair.

Some ask how come I dont really share what I use in my hair. This is because I dont want anyone to go out and buy what I use because it just may not work for them. Also, I am not a "all" natural kind of girl. Though when you look at my product line, I am not currently using anything that people would consider not natural. If I feel that I need a little grease or some sulfate shampoo, I will use it. Remember clean scalp, moisture, sealant, and trims is the key.

In my personal opinion, I believe that a person should use one product line. I believe that the chemist that formulate products to work or be partnered with other products in a certain line. So if I want to use Giovanni, I want to use the whole Giovanni line. I live in an area that it is hard to find certain products so I have been searching for products that I can easily find on the shelves. I have been using Curls lately. I think for about a week or so. I can't complain so far. I actually really like this line. I want to use this product for a month and THEN give a review. I am only using this line. I want to be able to review this product giving it a chance to do it's thing.

This post is getting long but there is my take on my hair. If you should have any questions, email me.