Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Elmo wants to be a chicken, elmo wants to be a duck...quack quack quack.

Yep, one of the twins has it. The poor baby has eczema and now chicken pox. The poor girl. If you don't see me around this is the reason why. See ya soon!!


Tasha said...

Awww poor baby...oh my i pray she gets better, guess you have to definately give some TLC...and some ol folks remedy calamine lotion....i heard that oatmeal baths help too...wow i didn't even know chicken pox still exist, with all these other things going around...Take care..

Mom.Wife.Me said...

Tasha, I didn't know chicken still gets the Chicken pox neither. Thanks for your prayers. I am so tired. All she did last night is whine about being itching. Hopefully all this medicine starts working soon!!!