Monday, November 30, 2009

One of my holiday traditions.

One of my favorite holiday traditions is to let everyone in the family go out and pick out a special ornament for the Christmas tree. By the time the kids are 18, I will have a tree about to fall over with ornaments. It's really special to me for the memories and the kids have a ball picking out their ornaments.

My Winter Skin Regiment-Economy friendly review

***Disclaimer*** The product mentioned in this video is opinion on an item that was purchased by myself. This is not a paid advertisement. I have no affiliation with any companies mentioned besides the fact of purchasing items. Please keep in mind that this is an opinion of a consumer; being myself. Please use your own discretion when purchasing from any merchant. I will not be liable for any outcomes in reference to your purchases. This is purely for entertainment purposes only. 

Its that time again....for dry achy skin.  I wanted to share what I use for my face. I forgot to take a picture of my shea butter and vaseline but those are some of the items I use on a regular. I use those two things for everything....from my face, lips, and all the way to my toes.

Shea Butter...Can be about 2-5 bucks a jar. Depends on where you get it. We are talking the pure form. 

Vaseline...I usually get a big jar from the Dollar General for about 2.

I dont get fancy with the astrigent anymore. I just use my good ole witch hazel. Works the same and cheaper. Well wait a minute, some astrigents are too strong and burn my skin. I dont have that issue with witch hazel.

Witch Hazel....99 cents. 

Ponds and Lubriderm works wonders in the winter. It tends to be too oily in the summer for me but this is my joints in the winter. 

You can get the generic for both which I believe are like 2-3 bucks a bottle. The two I have on display was 4 for both. 

My apricot scrub....Love it! I haven't used it in years. I went to the more expensive stuff and did nothing all fancy. I came right back to my apricot scrub. I use this product once a week. This is the only product that has Salicylic Acid I can use without breaking out. 

I think you can get this for about 4 bucks...Maybe less. I cant remember. 

Mint Julep Mask....I have been using this stuff since I was a pre-teen and I had those big ass zits. It works wonders. I love the stuff. I only use it every two weeks or when I have a pimple breakout. I put some of it on that bad boy. Works like a charm. 

I think you can get this for a bout 4 bucks as well. I cant seem to remember. When I go to the store I will update my prices if they are not accurate.

All these items tend to be on sale at your local drug store. You can even find them at your local Dollar General. I have really oily skin in the summer and dry skin in the winter. So please keep this in mind when trying any of these products.

I did forget something. My facial cleaner is Olay gentle wash. You can purchase for about 3 bucks. GREAT STUFF. I am allergic to most of the cleaners out there because of the Salicylic Acid. Most burn my skin and leaves it raw. Then I break out in a rash. I advise the same to you if you have the same results. 


Milani Nail Polish Review

***Disclaimer*** The product mentioned in this video is opinion on an item that was purchased by myself. This is not a paid advertisement. I have no affiliation with any companies mentioned besides the fact of purchasing items. Please keep in mind that this is an opinion of a consumer; being myself. Please use your own discretion when purchasing from any merchant. I will not be liable for any outcomes in reference to your purchases. This is purely for entertainment purposes only. 

 I usually ignore my finger nails (cant find polish that doesn't chip on my natural nail after 2 days) and worry about my toes. I have been trying to grow out my nails a little and been using this product on my finger nails. I love the stuff for my toes. It  really wears well. No chipping. I give myself a pedicure every 3 weeks or so. The polish is still holding up. I heard that some have some dulling after some weeks but I haven't had that issue yet. If you go back to my spider bite post, you can see my busted foot but cute polish :) 

Since the polish works while with my tootsies, I move to my fingers. So far so good. I don't know if Milani is geared to the ethic population but their colors are very nice. They range for clear glitter all the way to black with many in between. I find my products from the BSS or local big box retailer. The cost is usually about 1.99-4.50 for a 45oz bottle. I always find a sale though. I hope they work that well for you.

I give it 4 or of 5 stars. 

I gotta get my big butt up

and workout, diet,  or watch my eating habits. What ever you want to call it. I need to do it. I am going to lose 10 lbs by New Years.  Which means about 2-3 pounds per week. Why now because I need to get this done. I need to stop being lazy and just lose this weight. Its not healthy and I am tired of shopping in the big girl section. 

So here it is, I am going to get this shit done. I am going to claim it as it will be done. I have nothing to lose but weight. Sooooo here goes. I have to hit the grocery store and get this weight off. I am going to be where I want to be by June. No excuses.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

My week in Georgia

I have been back for a week and I am JUST getting to this post. Sorry!!!! I had a blast. It was great to see.I witness 158 soldiers take a oath in becoming an Army officer. I have to say it was one of the most intriguing things I have ever witnessed. I mean to watch them pledge to risk their lives for the well-being of America (at any rank rather) is amazing. They know that they will go to war and yet this didn't stop them. That is an amazing task to me. 

I forgot my camera for the formal. The only picture that I seen of myself wasn't a good one. I did enjoy myself nevertheless.

This is the back view of the cabin we stayed in. It was really nice. I didnt think I was going to like it but I have to say I really enjoyed myself. More pictures to come.

What is an Army Officer?

First and foremost, an Army officer is a leader. The officer plans the work of the organization, assigns tasks, and ensure that missions are accomplished at the highest standard. In that regard, an Army officer is similar management at any corporation. But that is where any comparison to the corporate world ends. Officers must lead by example. An officer must be willing to personally endure and under take any task that is assigned to a soldier. An officer is willing to risk his life for the well-being of others. An officer has the ability to lead but also listen.

The level of integrity and personal conduct required of an officer are quite high --- with very good reason. Officers daily make decisions that involve millions of dollars of resources. Their judgment and skill can mean the difference between life and death for the soldiers they command.

Over the years, three words have become the hallmark of what it is to be an Army Officer. Those words are Duty, Honor and Country. No matter what their specific duties are, or where they serve, these three words embody
what it is to be an Army officer to be an Army officer.

I am very proud to say that Michael has taken on the challenge in becoming an Army officer and completed successfully.

New Years Resolutions.....

I know that visiting our resolutions is kinda early yet but I wanted to really ponder over my 2009 resolutions. I think I did pretty good with sticking with my goals. I have to say that is the first in A LOT of years. I wanted to work on my marriage, self-improvement, weight, finances, and spirituality. I started the year off awesome with my weight but I just didn't make it. I did get some of my weight off but not enough....well not as much as I wanted.  All the others I am on a great path. I think that I am going to stick with these goals for 2010. You can only improve yourself.  Though apart of my self-improvement, I am going to add me time. I forget about that. But in '10 Ms. Dana is going to get right and get it together.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I know its late but I try not to be on the computer on the holidays. I hope that you enjoyed your day. Like always count your blessings. God has your back.

I know I have been slacking with blogging but my man is home. LOL!!!! I will be back and at it Monday. I also have to tell ya about my trip to Georgia.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


and after looking at all the pictures of the past week. I am officially back on my diet/cutback/food reform/healthy lifestyle. Whatever you want to call it. I am back at it. GOOOSSHHHHH, I have gained so much weight. SOOOOOOOO, forget thanksgiving. This chick is in search of a new body.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I have a problem...its serious!!!

Next week, I am headed to get my husband. I have been packing my bags for 2 or 3 weeks now. I have been trying to eliminate bags but I cant. I am only going for 4 days. I have 2 suits cases and a makeup bag. Who do I think I am Black Mrs America?!?! Why cant I pack light? Why do I even over analyze my trips.

Hello, My name is Dana and I am a over-analytical addict. Why do I have to have the what-ifs for even my travel? We are not even going to mention how I packed for the kids. Yep, its that bad. 

WOW an Award. Thanks Journee!

The Honest Scrap and Kreative Blogger Awards.

Here Are Seven Facts About Me:

1. When I reveal that I am a reformed bad girl, people often don't believe me.
2. I am very shy. How can you be a bad girl and be shy. Those are the worst kind.

3. I believe that I am ignoring my true calling in my life because I don't have patience.
4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE African American romance novels. Shhhhh! Dont tell.
5. I have a passion of food. I love food. I love to learn about food. Corn Ball
6. When I first started college back about 13 years ago, I had a GPA of 1.3. I know have a 3.2 GPA. Talk  about growing up
7. I question myself WAY too much.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I need more of my King Jesus in my life

Mable 'Madea' Simmons: She don't know me. I'm a straight-up thug. I shot Tupac. Yes, I did. We was arguing over a parking place. I didn't kill him, though. No, that wasn't me.

Remember when I told you that I wrote off my friend/neighbor. Well the other day she finally gave me eye contact after 4 months. Usually when I come outside she keeps her eyes to the ground or quietly retreat in the house.  Look I didn't mean to put fear in the chick. Honestly I didn't but you know that stereotype about black women  being big ole mean fight/cuss you out in a minute bitches  are aggressive, I think she thinks that's me. I am not going to cuss her out waving my finger. Nor am I going to beat her down on her porch. I am just too damn sexy for that. But there's the problem, I kinda like the intimidation. It tickles me that this chick that swears she is the toughest white chick (not my words) walking is scared of me. Mind you I just stop talking to the chick. She was a trouble making and I didn't need the headache or drama.  Never did I verbally or non verbally gave her that indication. Well I do look at her. I will not look away or run in my house. She is not God nor am I going to fear her. 

It cant be right to get a kick out of this. Actually I know its not right but never the less the stereotyping of black women crack me the hell up. We are not all crazy. Hell, I seen some white girls that will jump bad at you. Goes to show you that a stereotype only represents a small portion of a group of people.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Am I where I want to be in life??

This is a question that I ask myself ALL the time. I analyze EVERYTHING. I am known to over analyze, also. I honestly debate all the time if I am where I want to be. I think that I am a wonderful mother. I have to say that I had a great foundation planted from my mother. She always placed her family first. Which shown me that I HAVE to place my family first. I felt nourished and loved when I watched my mother sacrifice it all for her family. I always told myself that when I grow up that I wasnt going to be like my mother. I wasn't going to live my life through my kids. I think that was the only flaw that my mother had. She had placed all her time and energy towards her kids. Not that it was a bad thing for my brother and me but I think that my mother should have had a life outside of her kids. 

Now with that said, I see myself falling victim with the same issue. I NEED a life outside of my children. Not because I don't love them but because they wont be little and running around my house forever. I will nourish their souls, rear them to be ready for the world, and steal all the kisses and hugs that I can. Then when they are gone what am I going to do. My mother went back to college. I was soooo proud of her. I was in my twenties when she graduated. She worked hard and graduated with recognition from Who's Who magazine. I decided to go back to school while my children were young. I want to finish now. They wont even remember when mommy was in college. So that's out of the way. Then what? I want a business. I really do. I haven't had the time to really concentrate on that because of school. I know that once all three of mine are in school full time, I will have more time to dedicate to my dream.

Then leaves me wondering how can I fulfill my dreams with my husband career. I guess that is what my mother faced. We have husbands that career didn't allow us set up a stabilized home. This is one reason why I don't travel with him when he goes to all these schools. I could follow him but I decided to sacrifice my time with my husband to ensure that I don't uproot my children every few months. Been there done that. I didn't like it when I was growing up and I was not going to do it to my children. Moving every 3 years is enough. People ask me all the time how can I be without my husband for so long. My marriage is build on God's love and foundation. Don't get me wrong it is hard to have my husband away but all this will pay off. I love him. He loves me. If you are dedicated to each other, distance is just an obstacle you will learn to overcome with different avenues.

Side note: I do have to say that my decision...well mine and husband decision has been very testing. This is not the first time not having him home but I realize the more that he is gone the more we appreciate each other. So the distance hasn't been unbearably hard on us as a couple. Thank God for computers, webcams,  phones, highways and cars. If there is a will, there is a way.

I plan to be a full time mother for some years to come. I will probably go back to work part time but like I said my family will come first. Do I miss working? Damn right I do. Its a bitch sometimes not going out to work and not being with people my age. Talking to little people all day can be draining. This is why I'm searching for my inner self. I want to find me before it's to late. I don't care what anyone says. There is a time that I believe that its too late. 

What's my plan? I'm not sure yet! I still have to decide how I am going to make my dream flourish and at the same time support my husband's dream. The benefits of a wife..huh! :)
 I am getting there.

"Nobody told me the road would be easy. I don't believe he bought this far to leave to me."