Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I need more of my King Jesus in my life

Mable 'Madea' Simmons: She don't know me. I'm a straight-up thug. I shot Tupac. Yes, I did. We was arguing over a parking place. I didn't kill him, though. No, that wasn't me.

Remember when I told you that I wrote off my friend/neighbor. Well the other day she finally gave me eye contact after 4 months. Usually when I come outside she keeps her eyes to the ground or quietly retreat in the house.  Look I didn't mean to put fear in the chick. Honestly I didn't but you know that stereotype about black women  being big ole mean fight/cuss you out in a minute bitches  are aggressive, I think she thinks that's me. I am not going to cuss her out waving my finger. Nor am I going to beat her down on her porch. I am just too damn sexy for that. But there's the problem, I kinda like the intimidation. It tickles me that this chick that swears she is the toughest white chick (not my words) walking is scared of me. Mind you I just stop talking to the chick. She was a trouble making and I didn't need the headache or drama.  Never did I verbally or non verbally gave her that indication. Well I do look at her. I will not look away or run in my house. She is not God nor am I going to fear her. 

It cant be right to get a kick out of this. Actually I know its not right but never the less the stereotyping of black women crack me the hell up. We are not all crazy. Hell, I seen some white girls that will jump bad at you. Goes to show you that a stereotype only represents a small portion of a group of people.

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Honey I feel ya! You didn't do anything wrong. If she is intimated by you then that is her problem okay! You acted in a classy manor, and some people can't handle that. They rather see a black woman act ignorant and when we don't give them the "usual" angry black woman response they get scared. LOL.