Monday, February 11, 2013

Weight Loss Update.

27 lbs down
I have been pushing and pushing. Exercising and eating right when I don't feel like the effort. It has paid off. I am down 30 lbs, so far. I still have a long way (50lbs??) to go but I am doing it and I am so proud of myself. With the help of my family, My Fitness Pal, friends and personal trainer. I have the strength to keep pushing.

I am VERY active on myfitnesspal, if you have account or interested in creating an account. Come find me. I would love to support and be apart of your healthy living efforts

My Fitness Pal name is dana_gets_fit

See you there!!!!

First mini goal: loss 30lbs

Second mini goal: Lose 10 lbs by the end of March

Week 7. Time to save!!! 52 week challenge.

Transfer seven bucks from your checking and throw it in your savings or however you do it.

You should have $28 bucks set aside!!!!

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Saying Goodbye to Facebook is so...

I decided that I would go on a Facebook hiatus. I think it's been about two weeks now. I was shocked on all the things that I could do, not reading and posting on Facebook. I have gained more intimate friendships giving up Facebook  Crazy huh?? People that I do not speak to off of Facebook has been friends that I can pick up the phone and converse with. I cannot believe how impersonal I became. I have been baking more, exercising more, and too many other things. I don't wake up with my phone trying to see who said what. Like any other addiction, I had a hard time letting go at first but the more I was away the less I missed it. I do miss  reading some of the good news, pictures, and spirit uplifting messages. I do not miss the game request, some of the drama, or negativity that I became accustomed to reading.

Will I be back on Facebook? Sure I will but after this experience I realize that Facebook is just a tool. It does not replace life and all the beautiful things that are NOT on Facebook.

Do you think you could go on a Twitter, Facebook, IG, or etc hiatus? I didn't give up my Myfitnesspal. MFP has been very beneficial to me. However, when I get this healthy lifestyle under my belt, I will go on a hiatus from that, too.

Ha. Ha. Ha. With letting go of Facebook, for a bit, I have more time to Blog. ;)