Monday, February 11, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Facebook is so...

I decided that I would go on a Facebook hiatus. I think it's been about two weeks now. I was shocked on all the things that I could do, not reading and posting on Facebook. I have gained more intimate friendships giving up Facebook  Crazy huh?? People that I do not speak to off of Facebook has been friends that I can pick up the phone and converse with. I cannot believe how impersonal I became. I have been baking more, exercising more, and too many other things. I don't wake up with my phone trying to see who said what. Like any other addiction, I had a hard time letting go at first but the more I was away the less I missed it. I do miss  reading some of the good news, pictures, and spirit uplifting messages. I do not miss the game request, some of the drama, or negativity that I became accustomed to reading.

Will I be back on Facebook? Sure I will but after this experience I realize that Facebook is just a tool. It does not replace life and all the beautiful things that are NOT on Facebook.

Do you think you could go on a Twitter, Facebook, IG, or etc hiatus? I didn't give up my Myfitnesspal. MFP has been very beneficial to me. However, when I get this healthy lifestyle under my belt, I will go on a hiatus from that, too.

Ha. Ha. Ha. With letting go of Facebook, for a bit, I have more time to Blog. ;)

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