Thursday, December 23, 2010

Relationship Email....Like a virgin...uuuwwww!

So here it is!

My reader wrote me a brief email asking me my thoughts on losing her virginity. 

She stated that she is a virgin but her boyfriend is not. She is not sure if she is ready to have sex yet but get in situations that are very sexual. She asked how should she handle situations like this. 

First of all, I dont know how old you are but at any age, I believe that waiting until you are ready and comfortable is MOST important. Do not feel obligated to fulfill anyone needs but your own. If you are not ready-Dont rush it!!! 

But also remember...SAFE sex when the time comes. 

I think that you shouldn't put yourself in a situation that leads to a place that makes you uncomfortable. Please don't be ashamed to be a virgin. Also, make it known that you are not ready to have sex, yet. If your partner doesn't understand that then I "believe" that your partner is not ready to be in a relationship as such. I believe that you should also play it safe. If too much kissing or groping gets to be a bit much, then slow it down. No need to take it to a level that you are not comfortable with. I also believe that you need to know your partners feelings on this. Ensure that your partner isn't feeling that you are leading them on.  Some people prefer to avoid situations, all together. 

Communication is the key. 

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