Thursday, December 23, 2010

My natural hair Journey.

I have a new love affair. I am loving my hair. At first, I was scared of my hair. I mean....WHAT?!?! No Perm!  Then after that first week of shock. I was in love. I have viewed many many youtube channels and blogs about hair. I still watch for styling inspiration.  I taken what others have said about their hair and made a routine for my own based on my needs. I think that is where most fail at this journey...knowing their OWN needs. People have to remember that every journey is different. I encourage my mother and sister-in-law to join this journey and each and every one of us have different issues and goals. Even different curl patterns. All of us are different and all of us HAVE to use different things to make our hair happy. Though what I have learned in this journey is Moisture and Sealants is the key to success.

What is important to me is a good moisturizer. Something that first ingredient is WATER. Then I seal it with a oil. I cant forget that trims are VERY important. I don't care what anyone say. Ethic hair DOES grow. One just have to learn  their hair needs to assist in retaining health and length. Black or ethic hair is naturally curly. Some curl patterns are tighter than others which is why moisture and oils are important.

**A quick tip** Straight hair grows faster because of the pattern. Since it is straight, the natural oils have the ability to slide down the shaft of the hair. With Curly hair, oils do not have the same ability because of that pattern. This is why moisture and a sealant is important. Our hair needs assistance to moisturize the ends. The more curls the more delicate the hair is. It is easier to break. Which is why some believe that curly hair doesnt grow. With care and food for the hair, obtaining healthy hair can be a breeze.

 I have been transitioning since April and did my big chop in October. At first my hair was hard and felt brittle. I have found some things that works for me and now I have soft and strong feeling and looking hair.

Some ask how come I dont really share what I use in my hair. This is because I dont want anyone to go out and buy what I use because it just may not work for them. Also, I am not a "all" natural kind of girl. Though when you look at my product line, I am not currently using anything that people would consider not natural. If I feel that I need a little grease or some sulfate shampoo, I will use it. Remember clean scalp, moisture, sealant, and trims is the key.

In my personal opinion, I believe that a person should use one product line. I believe that the chemist that formulate products to work or be partnered with other products in a certain line. So if I want to use Giovanni, I want to use the whole Giovanni line. I live in an area that it is hard to find certain products so I have been searching for products that I can easily find on the shelves. I have been using Curls lately. I think for about a week or so. I can't complain so far. I actually really like this line. I want to use this product for a month and THEN give a review. I am only using this line. I want to be able to review this product giving it a chance to do it's thing.

This post is getting long but there is my take on my hair. If you should have any questions, email me.


Coretta said...

I'm on that journey too my friend! I started with Miss Jessie's products, now I'm moving into some Carol's Daughter items. But I have to keep it simple so I like working with just one product line at a time too. Happy hair journey. I love my hair! Saw you on SITS.

Mom.Wife.Me said...

Thanks Coretta for stopping by. I started my journey with Carol's Daughter. For some reason, It was drying my hair out. That is why I was looking for a new product line. Being Simple the key to my success so far.

And Happy hair journey to you!!!

Tasha said...

I just started using those products you have pictured there and i actually love them, only thing is i still have to find the right moisturizer but those products are the BOMB

Mom.Wife.Me said...

If you get a chance, try the Shea Moisture curl definer. My mother LOVES. I tried some while she was here and it was pretty good. If I run across something, I will let you know.