Friday, September 26, 2008

Can I get a person shopper PLEASE!!!UGHHH!!!

Its a true blessing to have my twins. I am very thankful to have them. Lord knows I am. But come one people. Please let me get my grocery shopping done without being stopped in every aisle...5 or 6 times per aisle. I really appreciate the attention that the girls are given but sometimes its overwhelming. I could be trying to settle two crying and aggregated 2 yr old girls and someone will ask " How can you tell them apart? Wow, I feel for you having twins is hell. Better you than me!!"

First, I can tell them apart because they don't look alike. I just look them in their face. If you see that having twins are hell, why are you trying to get their attention while they are clearly upset. Better you than me, I can see because you have obviously ignored the fact that I am trying to deal with two mad children.

Ok, I feel better now. Can't you tell that I hate grocery shopping. Then to HAVE to do it without a husband is a Biiaattchhh!!!

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