Thursday, September 11, 2008

If you are happy and you know...clap your hand.

I have some free money and I want to spend it. What should a girl do?!?!I do want a new tattoo. Though I would love me a new purse. I could get both if I budget my money well...hmmmm

A. A tattoo is permanant
B. A Purse would look so good on my arm
C. A cute tattoo with a cute purse

I know this is so trivial but when you are a lady with no life...This s#$@ is serious. I never buy myself anything. Usually when I get free money, I spend it on the kids. They really don't need anything. They are set. I even put money in everyone's savings. Gosh! Not to mention my birthday is next month and I will be officially turning Olllllllllddddddddd! Naw, strangely I have no problem with turning 31. I even can say it aloud. I am excited. I love birthdays. Anything that involves cake, I am there.

I really don't need anything. But I really think I DESIRE a gift for myself. I am going to be a single mom for a while. I think I need a treat to remind me that life isn't that bad. LOL!!!

I really cant think of anything else I need....This will have a Part 2 maybe even with pictures.

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