Friday, September 5, 2008, husband, and me

So its official. My husband is headed to overseas. I thought that I was going to be scared to death or even better yet resentful. I am actually doing better than I thought. I do fear the reactions of my children. I really want this to be a smooth as possible transition for them.

One reason I decided to move on base is for the kids to have children that had or have to cope with some of the same things; such as deployment. Though I am not that fond of the housing, I will deal so that my children can have what they need. I started explaining to my oldest what is going to happen. He is kinda blowing it off right now but I think that some it will soon set in. He is a pretty strong kid. I know just like mommy, do not let his time be idle. So I will be looking into that soon. Also, for the twins, I am going to register them for preschool. A few days a week for them to be around other kids will be good for everyone. I just hope that that transition will be a smooth one. Being Mama's girls, I hope that being separated from Mommy is stress free.

Keeping everyone busy will ease my husband heart and I want him to be as stress free as possible. I think the poor man is killing himself inside. He is so worried about me. He doesn't want my shyness to be a crutch when he is gone. I will try to work on that as much as I can. I think we will be fine. Prayer is what is going to get me through.

OK as for me, Hmmmm lets see. I think I am going to be OK. My nerves will be tested but I will be OK. I just have to break out of my shell, get out and try this social butterfly thing. I am thinking about new hobbys. I did buy a new sewing machine. I read a lot so my Kimani Romance books will help. Thats right I LOVE romance novels. Not to mention, I am going on a serious weight loss life style change. Thats not much but its better than nothing. I have a plan. I just have to follow through. Oh how could I forget, I have college. I am looking for a new church. My faith is something that is dear to me and I know will help me get through this. With a new blog, I think that I have a place to place my feelings. With all that on my plate, sitting and moping shouldnt even have a place on my calendar.


Marri said...

Good for you. Feel free to stop by my blog anytime. Its full of things to laugh at and think about. You will find blogging is a really great hobby. You get to let alot of the inside feelings out. Be strong, but most of all Be Blessed.

~Rain said...

Sounds like you are on a good path for you and your kids to make the deployment transition a little bit easier!

I wish I was closer, I'd hang out with ya!

Mom.Wife.Me said...

Thank you!!!!