Thursday, October 2, 2008

Being lazy

Since I refer all my groupies (friends) to my blog for current events, I guess I should update you on my life. Jokes!!! Ya'll not my groupies...maybe fans? How does that sound. Well anyway.

Well Mike isnt going to Iraq as planned all further flights have been canceled. You can not understand the relief. Yea, my husband dont go... yipee yipee yipee. Most of all, I dont have to go through the holidays trying to explain where Daddy is. I know that he's not going NOW, but he will have to go later. What excitment! SARCASM!!! Just wait until after the holidays in this new dead ass state.

My birthday is Tuesday. I am kinda excited. I cant believe that I am turning 30 freak 1. Where have all the time gone. Damn!!!! But anyway, I am planning with a girlfriend a girls day to celebrate our birthdays (Being that hers is the Sunday after mine). I dont know what I'm going to do...BUT Alcohol is going to be involved.

Lets see what else.....

Besides the kids driving me batty, not much going on. Just getting ready for the holidays. Its something about this time of the year, I LOVE IT. Thanksgiving at my house. Anybody that not busy, you are always welcome as always!

Well let me get some homework done. I have to keep this smart thing up.

Love ya'll like always!!!


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