Wednesday, June 23, 2010

100 degrees out there

and what are you doing with your kids? I feel like I am going to melt as soon as I open my door in the morning. I think I may get Shaggy shaved down because its just that darn hot. I feel sorry for the dog. At least he is a smarty. He paces himself outside. He goes out for 10-15 minutes intervals just to look around and then to cool down. Mind you he is the spitting image of the Shaggy Dog. Who is that? Google people :). What are you doing to keep the kids busy and not stuck in the house. Its strange to not see kids outdoors. I know I dont what them out in the heat but I also dont want them packing on the lazy pounds. Ohhhhh, and I dont want to go broke doing it. My grocery bill has gone up one hundred bucks just having them home for the summer. GREEDY kids. LOL!!!

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