Thursday, May 20, 2010

What does "HE" think about all of this??

How does your husband feel about your new weight loss challenge?

He supports me 100 percent in all I do. He is awesome like that. If I told him that I wanted to open a store that only sells straws, he would tell me that I would have the best straw store out there. I think that is why I keep him around. He is always that encouraging voice. Now, he does tell me that when I am doing wrong. The other night we were talking and I told him that I wanted some candy and lots of it. When I am depressed or stressed I want to eat and I want to eat a lot (I just realized this. I never realized that I was an emotional eater). He told me that I cant be like that. He was honest and told me that if you are stressed or depressed, face it and move on. Fatty foods is NOT going to make things better. He was right. He also told me that waiting to do my P90X was a little dumb. Well forget you husband. I knew what he meant though. If I have the set why not start now. No time like the present. He told me that if I want to lose and if I think that P90X is going to help me get to my goal I need to stop with the excuses and start yesterday. I have to say I love him and sooo not like him for being my cheerleader. He will not let me give up with out hearing his mouth about it.

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