Thursday, May 20, 2010

I made a calendar

for activities for the month of June. Is that anal? I have planned out the whole month of June. Will be doing it for the whole summer actually. I need that much organization. It helps me keep a sane household and mind. I add regular schedule programming all the way to after school specials (Am I the only one that remember those?). I schedule ongoing activities as well as special events that is in the area. I post it on the front door. I have the children involved in this activity as well. They tell me what they would like to do for the summer and I try to incorporate it into our schedule. We will also work in our Summer Bridge Activities Workbook. 

What is that you say? 
It is a skill retention workbook. It encourages a child to work on a page per day for 20 days. Each page takes about 15 minutes. If you speak to some teachers, They say that they send a lot of time going over stuff that is forgotten during the summer break. It encourage summer readings, making goals, and mastering skills. There aren't enough pages to fill the summer so I do not give a page everyday. I incorporate activities that encourage learning as well. So every other day, We work in the book and alternate with some sort of activity. When I complete my activity list, I will share. 

What do you do with your kids during the summer? 

We go swimming, bike riding, library visits, ice cream days, free play, you name it we try to do it. No idle minds in this house!!!!

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