Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My new blogging schedule.

I realized that I blog all my post in one day and then have nothing else to write about later in the week. Sooooo, I took yesterday off and thought about how to fix that. I have a simple plan. Every day is a blog topic day. So here it is until I change my mind. Did I ever tell you that I am very indecisive?!!!

Monday: Healthy Living. Another from my health product reviews to weigh-ins. 3
Monday: My Right Here Right Now Segment. It really clears my mind.

Tuesday: Beauty and Fashion. If I want to talk make up or fashion. Even what new product I am trying to clean my face, I will save it for Tuesday.

Wednesday: Relationship days. This is where I am going to talk about my friendships and marriage. 

Thursday: Domestically Diva- Talking about being a housewife and things it take for me to be domestic. This is a challenge. YEP. I hate cleaning. Though, I hate a dirty house. I hate laundry. I have a family of 5. It has to be done.

Friday: My Hobbies!!! Friday's may not take off until later this summer because I'm moving.

Saturday: Mentally Healthy. This is my mind cleansing or just random talks. 

I hope that you enjoy my blog. I really do. Grab a cup. Take a seat. Enjoy my blog....flaws and all!!!!


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Sounds good to me. I can't wait to read them!!! You give very good relationship/marriage/family advice.