Thursday, April 29, 2010

How do you do it??

I am sooo domestically challenged. I hate laundry. I hate cleaning the kitchen. I just hate housework. I see some people go about their business and just have the most orderly home ever. ME? Nope. I dont like a messy house. I dont like clutter or junk. I don't even like knick knacks. So cleaning isnt that bad for me because I believe in less is more. Then again I don't clean daily. I clean weekly with picking up around us daily. I am very sneaky though. My downstairs is very clean but if you go upstairs and looking in bedrooms. It can be a very scary thing on some days. Maybe its because I have just too much going on. The kids room?!?! My Gosh!!! I have them clean their own rooms but we are talking about 4 and 7 year old. Its not a very good job unless I am standing there dictating. After cooking, cleaning the kitchen afterward, helping with homework, bath and bed routine, and my homework I really don't care about having clean windows and tidy rooms.  Lord help me if I have mopping to do.  I do clean because its a necessity. I am dragging when ever I have to do it. I have been even dubbed with friends the Bleach Queen. When you visit my home of cleaning day you may think that you walked in a indoor pool. But really how do you motivate yourself to clean?? I would seriously get a maid if I worked full time.

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Girl that is a good question. I hate cleaning too, but I don't have an excuse. You have little ones to take care of and school, that takes alot of work by itself. So you should be proud of the cleaning you get to do.