Thursday, April 8, 2010

What an eventful week!!

After 15 years of being a career college student, On Sunday I earned my Associates of Science in Business. Then on the 26th, I go back to finish out my degree in Hospitality Management. How exciting is that!!! I am really proud of myself. For the longest, I couldn't see the light at the end of that tunnel. I didn't graduate with a 4.0 like I wanted but I did finish with a 3.3. Math and my communications teacher kicked my butt. I swore that comm. was going to be an easy class. I have to stop all that damn thinking. 

Then on Easter Tuesday, I celebrated my eldest son birthday and passing. If you dont know the story I wrote about it if you are curious. It wasnt tooo bad for me but it was a rough day. One thing that really made me smile that day, besides knowing that I gave birth to a very special baby, was when the kids were out front playing and they saw a butterfly. They chased and chased that butterfly. He would fly over their heads like he enjoyed playing with them as much as they enjoyed him.  Finally the butterfly landed in front of them and allowed them to pet him for a really long time. To watch them be so gentle and to see a beautiful creature allow my terrors to pet it was amazing to me. When I texted my dh about it he said to me "You know that is your son, right?" I smiled with pride because it was soooo sweet. The big brother stopped by to play with his little brother and sisters. What a beautiful image!!!!

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First of all congrats!!! That is wonderful! Secondly a 3.3 is a really good GPA. That is a sweet story about your kids and the butterfly. It had to be their brother, I've never seen a butterfly do the things you mentioned.