Friday, February 26, 2010

My 19 week weight loss challenge

So I have begun a 19 week weight loss challenge. My goal is 30 lbs. This is a mini-goal to kick start my challenge. 

Week 1. (last week) Discover where my issues are with food.
                                 A. I don't eat three meals a day. I tend to be starving by the time 8pm rolls around because I haven't made time to eat.

Week 2. Fix the Problem....EAT three meals a day and my 2 snacks
                                 A.  I never realized how hard this is for me. I don't have time and I realized that I haven't been making time to really sit down to eat. Teaching myself what and when to eat has been a REAL challenge but I am doing it. 

My P.H.A.T of the week
Use a journal. I use I LOVE that site. 

"If you are in the early stages of a weight loss program, you may find a weight loss journal helpful. It can help you track your weight loss from day to day and week to week, along with other information that you may want to note as you move toward your weight loss goal.

Use your weight loss journal to keep yourself focused on your goal."


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This sounds like a great plan girl!!! Please keep me posted on how it works.

I'm an emotional eater!!! Ugh!!!! I eat when I'm stressed!!!!!