Thursday, November 4, 2010

A new Book I read....REVIEW-Sherri's Song

 I was approached about this book one day leaving out of the post exchange. When I see positive people on their hussle, I support them. I let the book sit for a while and then I picked it up to read. I mean I did just spend my money on it. Independent authors can be expensive (Hey, I understand they don't have the same monetary backing). Well anyway, I love the book. Not so much the ending but it was a great book. I wanted more. I wanted to find out what happened next. That is what a book is suppose to do, I guess.

 I found Tonie on Facebook and emailed him asking if he was writing a sequel. The nerve of me huh?? Well If I like it, I am going to find out more about it. After reading this book, I searched online to find out more. I do that with everything. If I see a movie based on actual events, I will be researching. I guess it's in my nature. I don't mean harm by it.

 Well anyway, he said that he is working on it and I wouldnt be disappointed. I am excited. Maybe he will even consider releasing a e-book. Hey?!?!? A girl can dream right?? Maybe Tonie J. Short will stop by my blog one day and see that I believe that he is a gifted author and pray for his continued success. Yes, writing is a gift. One that I dont have. I KNOW you have read a grammatical error here and there from me. Thank you for being kind and not murdering my skills. LOL!!

Ok!!! Anyway! I got side tracked.

I dont want to ruin it for you but its about a couple that were in an abusive relationship after the husband lost his job. Sherri decided that she needed to find herself and take steps to get away from the madness. Does that give you an idea of the book? I hope so. If not, Just go get the book! Well anyway. Check it out. Sherri's Song

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