Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Battle is Absolute

The struggle is real. Yesterday was a real struggle for me. I messed up with my diet plan. I realized it has a lot to do with poor planning. When I make a plan, I have great success. Well yesterday did not have a plan and yesterday had a lot of mistakes and struggles. Now I know I am not the only one that deal with struggles in dieting. Its makes us human, I guess. I should insert a motivation speech right here, right? I should come up with a plan to prevent this from happening again, right? Welllllll....

Ok, here is a motivational story... You will have to dig deep to get the point of this story and you may even ask me what the hell does this have to do with anything. But shit its your motivational story.

I have a Squirrel that lives in the big tree in my back yard. What kind of tree you may ask? A big ass tree. But anyway, you are not allowing me to focus on my lame story. So anyway, Walter and his family of Squirrels live in a tree in my backyard. Every day, Walter causes drama in my yard. You see Shaggy, my dog, hates Squirrels. He will sit under that tree and bark, jump, and cry just to get close to that damn Squirrel. He is relentless. Every morning, shaggy runs the perimeter of the yard. Every morning he looks to see if he can find him a Squirrel. You are probably thinking what does this has to do with diet motivation. Just wait. Im getting there. Every morning its the same thing. Every morning that Squirrel is in the tree. Every morning, he runs from Shaggy. Every morning, Shaggy is there to sabotage this squirrels goals. However, every morning that squirrel comes back to his nest in my big ass tree. Every morning that squirrel fusses back at Shaggy. Every morning, Walter has a goal and he sticks around despite that damn Shaggy. Every Morning!

My point...There will always be something out there to challenge your goals. Dont stop. If you want to be that sexy skinny (or what ever your goal is) bitch, you cant allow a shaggy to defeat you. Yeah, my story was lame but you get the point. Food is an addiction that you will face every day of your life. Any relationship you have  will be tested when you are attempting to make it healthy. Unlike that tired ass husband or sorry ass girlfriend, you cant get rid of food.  Since we know that we will not be able to live without the food, we need to learn how to live with the food. Do you get my story now??? Awww, whatever!!! I liked my story!!! Also, its that time that I go outside to yell at Shaggy to leave that damn Squirrel alone.

What's for breakfast? Im craving spinach. I think I will make a spinach and cheese omelet. Maybe a piece of toast or even a half of a bagel. I dont know. However, I am getting my spinach.

 See ya later. I have to write my final paper for class this week. I may disappear. Dont give up on me again. I will be back but I just wanted to give you a heads up. Enjoy my friends!!!

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