Monday, August 8, 2016

Binge Watching is my addiction...Cheat days!

Image result for netflix addiction support groupI cant believe it. I can turn my tv on and watch all day. I just finished the Wentworth series. Great show!! I need a few new shows to keep me occupied until next year. 

Cheat days! How do you avoid making them cheat months...years. I try not to over indulge. I try to limit my junk food but sometimes that craving monster is powerful. Do you have cheat days? How do you talk down the monster? I have been trying to remind myself that working against all the hard work will only be depressing and work against everything I have been working toward. Sometimes it works.  Sometimes I just drink more water. Sometimes I go on a walk. Sometimes I say eff it. I guess you get the point. My day started off pretty bad but I had a reality check and I'm back on track...Lemon pepper chicken green beans and brown rice for dinner. I really don't need any more snack food. 

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