Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Eat, Drink, and be Mindful. Chapter 1...and update

I have been trying to be more active on my blog and I am sorry I have been absent for a few days. My sinuses and allergies have me going. I have my medicine sitting right next to me. My last summer class, I finished with an 98%. Go me!! Just started another class Monday. I want to duplicate my success. Wish me luck!!!!

Now on to Chaper 1.

What is a mindful state of mind

I wont go in depth about what is mindfulness. I dont want to bore you. I have taught mindfulness and if you want me to go in depth, please let me know.

The first exercised asked to be practiced is attempting to be mentally present with all you encounter. For example, if you speak to someone by asking how they are doing,  be an present when people are speaking. Focus on the person's facial features, tone, and expression. Note how if feels to be completely present with others. Note the challenges of being completely present. If your mind wondered where did you go? What were you thinking? Why was if difficult to remain present in the conversation? Did the person recognize you being present.

Well today, I tried to be present with everyone I encountered. I had one situation that I realized that I drifted off the conversation. Where did I go? TV What was I thinking? I was speaking with my husband and found a new least a new show to me. Paternity Court. While watching this show it was definitely difficult to focus. I couldnt focus because the show had me full of amazement. I realized my husband had said something that I really didnt hear. Did he notice?  He sure did. He didnt say anthing but I did realize he told me he would talk to me later and I should enjoy my free time. No hard feelings from him but when I realized what I was doing I did feel bad.

My goal is to focus on being present with people. I believe they deserve my full attention and if I can not offer my attention I should express such.

I understand being mindful takes lots and lots of practice. It will take time to fully engage in situations mindfully. However, one should recognize when he or she is not being mindful and ask oneself why.

I will make this series a weekly thing. If you should have any questions, please let me know. I will talk to you later.

I will be back tomorrow. Lets discuss goal setting for the future and saving money. I suck at savings but I want to be better and I have a few tips that have been working for me and I would love to find a few more tips that will assist in my goal.

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