Saturday, August 6, 2016

Just one of those days...

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Just one of those days in my Monica Arnold voice. Saturday, I'm so happy to see you. I started my day early. I took care of all my errands. I didn't have a list of things to do. I just needed to return boxes to Comcast. Then back home. Every Saturday morning I start my day with Coffee and a donut. Not much for dieting but hey I eat healthy all week long I deserve a little treat. At least the coffee is with skim milk and splenda. That makes it better, right?? 

I did most of my laundry yesterday. Only delicates and white clothes were left and I got them going now. Now, I am sitting here watching Queen Latifah's Last Holiday with my feet up. I think I am going to make a nice cup of hot tea. Teavana is bae!! Smores is my flavor of the moment.

For the rest of the day, I'm going to veggggggggg (make sure it say it  real slow)!! I have no desire to do much else. I may finish the season of Wentworth on Netflix. If you haven't seen it, check it out.

For Lunch, its going to be leftovers. Whole Grain spaghetti and a homemade marinara sauce. Then snacking on my favorite extra sharp cheddar cheese. Dinner?? Hmmm!!! Not sure yet but since today is a cheat day. Maybe a slice of pizza and salad. Who knows! I am going to enjoy my free day until its time to do some homework. This course is over in two weeks and then I have 2 courses left. Then I will be paying back those school loans. So I will talk to you later.

What do you do to enjoy a lazy day?

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