Sunday, January 3, 2010

Carol's Daughter

I have heard all the talk about the greatness of Carol's Daughter products. Well guess what, I am believing the hype. For Christmas I received a gift set. It contained a wide tooth comb, Healthy Hair Butter, Health Hair Smoothie, and shampoo. While I was on vacation I cut most of my hair off. I usually do this yearly. When I went to get my hair done, I was told that I had really dry hair. I knew this. She told me to use a regiment promoting moisture. My Christmas gift was perfect. I washed my hair last night and used all the products included. My hair came out really soft. I actually used a lil grease as well. My hair came out beautiful. 

I will be getting the leave-in as soon as I can get to the store.

As you know I have to try a product for at least a month before I give my 4 stars but I think this group of products will work out for me. I will keep you posted.



Owww I'm happy you did this review. Your hair looks so healthy. I was tempted to buy it during Christmas, so now you have convienced me to try it.

Mom.Wife.Me said...

Hey Stranger~ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I Really like these products so far. I am going to do 3 more washes and do another review. But yes try it!!!!!!