Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's makeup review time....New Picture

If you know me you know that I will NOT spend huge amounts of money on make-up. I dont wear it often enough to break open my purse to drop them big bills. Well anyway, As you know the trend for this year is matte lipsticks. I am a lip gloss girl so I have to add some lip stick to my collection. 

When I was out shopping at my neighborhood's version of Dollar General, Fred's, I found a woman of color makeup collection. I didnt go crazy YET!!! I did buy a thing of lipstick. Its by Diamond Cosmetics The Jazz collection. I believe that I paid $1.00 for it. When I find my receipt I will up day. Though on their website the lipstick was 1.24. This color is Golden Oak. It is a shimmery Bronze color. You can see the color very well in my swatch but it is a beautiful color with my complexion. It is very subtle. A great everyday color.

This product gets some applauds from me. Being that it is an dollar it wasn't bad. I would buy again. Actually, This weekend I am going to purchase some more from this maker. Am I late with this find? Is this product new or been around for a minute? Well at any rate its not a bad buy so far when it comes to it's Jazz Collection Lipsticks.



Darn it! I can't see the swatch. But I went to the website and the colors are beautiful. $1 is not bad at all. Heck if you to places like MAC you will pay a good 20-30 dollars for lipstick.

Mom.Wife.Me said...

I have yet to buy a MAC lipstick. I cant bring myself to do it. I took that picture on my phone. If I find my camera soon in one of these boxes, I will try to take another.