Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Live to my potential

I dont know if I blogged about this before. I have to go back and read but for 2010  I said that I am going to live up to my potential. God has planned greatness for me and I am going to live or journey to that greatness. I have so much potential but at times I feel like I accept average because it's easy. Well this year things are going to change. Keep track of me because I want you to witness and take this journey with me. I have to learn to not accept average. I have to be above average. Live my potential......

This is from my phone so pls forgive my errors.

love ya.


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I feel ya girl, well I can't wait to hear what new and exciting things that are in store for you.

It is so easy to except average in life because sometimes we feel like we don't deserve more. So we end up settling. I am guilty of this too.