Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Finances

I don't know if I had this talk with you before but I am horrible with finances. Sadly, what I spend all my money on is food and recreation for the family. I spend lots and lots. Well with  my Renewal Movement, I decided that I had to educated and revamp my financial health. 

I set a few goals. Some that I have conquered some that I am still working on. For instance, I pay all my bills soon as we get paid. I don't wait I don't find excuses to do other things. I hate paying bills. But now I pay them on time. We actually paid off quite a few bills. I will be paying off my car a year early if God's willing in the next few months. See, I am doing better. Then again I haven't put away my debit card. I love that thing. I said that will go to the ATM every two weeks and get myself an "allowance" and depend on that money. If it's gone, its gone and I don't get it back until the next two weeks. I haven't been doing this. Why? I really don't have a good answer. Basically being lazy. The bank is right around the corner. I just don't go. Well come the end of the week, I will be back to doing that. 

I actually created a little table that helped me pay off bills and start saving more. I said that I wanted to buy a house but I am having second thoughts about it right now. I mean since we dont know how long we are actually going to remain here, I feel that buying a house may right now may be a burden. I will continue to save. When we are ready, I will have the money.

One more thing that I am getting friendly with is layaway. I suck at layaway. I forget that I put things on layaway then forget to go get my money back on cancelled layaways. I realized that it helps me with my savings also. If I know I want something. I put money aside and get it when. Instead of spending spending spending as soon as I get it in my hand. 

See, I am getting there. 

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This sounds like a good plan. Money is like water and bills drain it ALL. LOL.