Saturday, November 15, 2008

My current Book

I am a romance novel junkie....My lastest reading:

Rival's Desire
Sultry singer Vivian Desmond would do anything for her grandmother—anything but work with her childhood enemy, Caesar Morrison. He's all grown up, but the famous pro athlete still enjoys getting under her skin. Now their matchmaking grandmothers think handing over the family business will turn spitfire rivals into lovebirds, but the man makes Vivian's blood boil.
Okay, there was definitely something…hot…under all the years of feuding, and maybe it's time Caesar did something about it. Vivian always made him lose control, and now he knows why. She doesn't care about his fame, fortune or fine looks. She just knows him too well. Now all he wants is to know her—every inch of her—for a lifetime.

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