Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall Fashion.

I think I am going to like the fashion for the fall and upcoming winter season. I love the winter and fall for all the fashion that I can explore with. I don't like the bitter cold but love the hats, boots, coats, sweaters, etc. I love it. It seems that the 80's and 50's are combining and trending this season.

Colors for the upcoming season:

  • Black
  • Grey: from earthy-grey tints to light grey tones sparkly metallic
  • Cream
  • Brown: tan, beige
  • Red: Crimson red to burgundy---I am loving it. I LOVE red
  • Orange: Burnt Sienna, deep orange----My sisters of color, explore this palette. We look great in these.
  • Blue: electric blue, mint blue, dark navy blue, teal blue

Accessories are seeming to be very feminine and big this season. Explore with your Accessories. Work a fashion and make it your own. Remember you don't want to look like the next person. Put your own spin on the trending fashions.

Prints/details are also on the come back; animal prints, ruffles, lace, plaid, brocade, ethnic patterns, floral, zippers, chain, studs, chunky statement necklaces, Art Deco style jewelry, drapes, striped leggings and tights, bold colored opaque tights, sequins, gray knits, ruchings. Blazers, cardigans, gloves, capes, and belted coats are some of the safe trend must haves. Cant forget the leggings. I am also looking into a military coat. I have always loved them and they are back in season. I also love the Faux fur stoles. They remind me of time that my grandmother and great-grandmother were getting all fancied up. LOVE it. I think I am leaning more towards the vintage looks this season. I love the 50's look. That is just gorgeous to me.

Boots Boots Boots...Huge. Whether they are knee high to booties. This trend can be pricey. Be selective and make sure that its something that will fade by the following season. Invest in something that will last longer than 3 to 4 months. Cant forget anything peep toe.

Get inspired by the 80's seem like it coming back with force. Now, please remember all fashion isnt for everyone. Consider your age, weight, and frame. Stick with signature pieces and add a few trendy ideas. No need to spend all your money on something that will not last past the season.

My favs:

The feminine Jewelry/accessories
Cardigans/big sweaters
The Colors

Have fun with the fashion. Remember you make the fashion. It doesn't make you.

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I like the colors...I love cardigans too. We have this store here the sales name brand stuff and 75% of original price and I will be going there and buying some fall and winter stuff.