Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hey all!!

I've been really busy lately. Which is typical because I am approaching the end of a semester. My finals are next week and I am trying to get ready for my trip. Other than that I am doing well. I have a lot on my mind that I need to share with you but I really don't have the time right now.

I got the flu shot yesterday. This flu thing is shhhh is out of control. They are even offering them in the schools. This is crazy. One simple way people can control these illness is stay their asses home when they are sick. It frustrates me to no end when I see people sick and knowing they should be in the bed some where out and about. Then I watched this woman go to the bathroom and not even wash her hands. Come on people. That is nasty. Im'ma get nasty witcha. You go and touch your urine saturated vagina to wipe and you dont feel the need to wash your hands. Dont worry I wont touch you and please don't invite me to your house because I would hate to tell you that I will not accept that invitation because of your hygiene practice. I heard someone say that the soap is too harsh and breaks them out. Carry a small container in your purse of your favorite soap. Go to the store and stock up on my hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer will not do it alone people. Antibacterial soap and water. WATER YOUR DAMN HANDS!!!!

Ok, I'm done ranting. LOL!! Talk to you later. Have work to do. HA!

Sorry but watching the news and reading people are closing schools because of these illnesses are beyond me.



Good luck on your finals. Oh gosh I feel you. I was in the bathroom monday and I was in the bathroom and I this girl straight walked out of the BR without washing her hands GROSS! Now that is one thing I hate about working in an office because these nasty mofo's cough on their hands then hand you a file. Yuck I hate that. Then they cough all in the air. STAY HOME don't come to work giving me your sickness. LOL. I started sneezing yesterday and was getting all paranoid like "oh no somebody done gave me that damn swine full, I'ma about to die" LOL.

Mom.Wife.Me said...

LOL!!! You sound like my husband.He talk about how nasty some of the people he work with is. He said he is going to come home with the swine flu. LOL!!!

Buy you some lysol and hide it in your desk and place a bottle of hand sanitizer out. Some people will use it just cuz it's there. Whatever works right.

Mom.Wife.Me said...

Did you delete your blogs?