Monday, October 12, 2009

So I was tripping

On Wednesday, I was complaining that my son's first grade teacher sends home too much homework. She gave a monthly calendar of homework with spelling words, Math, and more reading words. Plus the kids have to read every night for 20 minutes. I do it all. I just felt like the homework was consuming a 6 yr old. Then I went to his parent teacher conference for first quarter report card. I have to say that humbled me. She told me that Matthew is on a excellent path. His reading is just about on a 2 grade level. She coould tell that I work with him at home. Which I do. I add more work on to what the teacher gives him because I think there are some things that a 6 yr old should know; like tell time, count change, adding and subtracting and phonics. Things that I feel that he is not getting enough of in school.  To be honest, schools are not teaching the basics anymore. They are teaching children what they need to know for testing. Which is fine but my children are going to learn the basics as well.

I am learning to make homework fun. So that doesnt seem like its too much. Its actually working. Matthew has done some sort of homework this whole 4 day weekend. He hasnt realized that it is actually homework. YAY me!!

I have to remember that I am a black mother of a black man. I don't care what anyone say but we have to work harder to get ahead in this world. We have to ensure that our children are ready to compete for everything in this world. Just because we have a black president doesn't make our struggle any easier. We actually have to work harder. Racism is always going to exist because of ignorance and fear. Shoot, I had to check someone the other day because of a statement she made. She then proceeded to tell me that it was ok for her to say what she said pretty much because we had "our" black president. Chile, it took all I had not to step out of character.

People tend to assume that because my husband is in the Army that he is uneducated. I will brag that my husband is very educated and went to a HBCU. Soon as he gets home he will finish up his last few classes for his Masters. Then will proceed to get his PH.D.. So when someone assume that we are nothing and the military was out way out, yes I do get offended and I will get indignant with 'cha. 

With that being said, I know that my responsible of a mother can be a challenging one but my daily pay-off is a blessing. I wont stop working hard for my children education. My children will not depend on getting a scholarship in sports. Its a option but they are going to get this education thing academically as well. 

Sorry I just had to vent a little....

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The fact that his teacher said that shows that you are doing a great job. and your right as black people (especially black men) we have to work 10x's harder than anyone else.